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My Salvation

Growing up I was baptized Catholic. My Mom was Catholic and Dad was not, but Mom was the boss as far as religion was concerned. I received My First Holy Communion, and was Confirmed. Mom would always make sure we headed off to Church every Sunday, all Holidays and Ash Wednesday. My Dad never attended any Church. My grandfather was an avid Bible reader, He (Grandpa) would quote scripture to me daily growing up. (The Seed) When I became a teenager, going to church lost it's luster to me. I was more concerned with hanging out and running with the pack than going to Church. In time Church was just a memory. I used to think that just because I was baptized and believed in God, I was covered. I had no clue! In 1978 I met Cynthia, we dated for a few years and in 1982 we married. We were married in a Roman Catholic Church by a Monsignor and we had a spectacular wedding. Through the years God blessed us with 3 Children. Our son and Daughter were born in New York City and our third child was born in Florida. Our Children were also baptized Catholic. We attended Church regularly and my youngest was an alter server in the Church. Going to Church had purpose for us and every Sunday after service we would go out for brunch. I always felt good all day Sunday, then by Monday, something seemed missing. My grandfather would always drill John 3:16 into my head as a child, I knew this scripture by heart when I was merely 5 yrs old. Throughout my life I would often recite this verse in my mind, it was really the only scripture I was familiar with. But it was one that lived in me all these years, every time I thought of my Grandfather I thought of that scripture, the two went hand in hand. My Grandfather passed when I was 10 yrs old. I was devastated because he was my mentor, he loved me unconditionally and took care of my every need. No matter what, he loved me with all his heart and I was blessed to have him. I was his favorite child. One day in early 2001, my wife had an issue with our church administrator, feelings were involved and we decided to remove ourselves from the congregation. A few weeks went by and my wife was invited by our neighbor to a small Bible based Church in our neighborhood. I did not go, mainly because in my mind it wasn't Catholic and I wanted no part of that! When my wife came home that day, she was excited and anxious to tell me all about her experience in this new Church. I listened then in my twisted mind resented the fact that she was now talking of making this a routine. I was not happy about it, and warned her that I refused to attend because it was not Catholic and I would have no part of it! She told me that if I found a Catholic Church she would attend with me, then attend the new Church as well! Well, this flustered me...this wasn't about me though, this was about God and God will always win! I backslid into my old ways and stopped attending Church, while My wife and Children went without me. (Satan must have really enjoyed this!)

For two years this went on, every Wednesday and Sunday off they went. When they would get home my wife always told me that she saves the seat beside her for me , and will not let anyone sit there. Even during crowded services she remained vigilante not to allow anyone to sit there. Everyone knew this, all the congregation, the ushers, pastoral staff etc. Yet I remained steadfast in my ways to stay away! One day my wife comes home and tells me that she has been called to Bible School, she needed my okay because I am the head of the household. After a long discussion, I agreed for her to attend. This was going to be two days a week 4 hours a day plus twice a week for Church. Also, it was going to cost me money! Imagine the grouch I became over this little tidbit of information. I succumbed to the fact and eventually got over it, but I wasn't that happy about it at the time.

In early 2004 I was asleep and I heard my wife in the bathroom at around 2:00a.m. I asked her if she was alright and she replied not really, thinking it was probably nothing more than an upset stomach I rolled over and fell back asleep. 2 hours later I awoke again, I went to the bathroom to find my wife in agony, she had been bleeding internally and was a pale color which I have never witnessed before. I rushed her to the emergency room where we spent all day and night undergoing tests to determine what was going on. The following day after tests she was admitted and placed in a room, we hadn't received any word on the results and I was frightened beyond words. Two people walked into her room that I did not know, when my wife noticed them she seemed happy, she introduced them as Pastor Ken and his wife Melissa. Pastor Ken asked that we join hands and pray, as we did this he asked the Lord to heal my wife and that the results would come back negative. When we broke hands and I opened my eyes the Doctor was standing bedside waiting for us to finish, he told us that my wife was going to be ok and after a night of rest she would be released the following day. She had a severe case of food poisoning. God blessed me that day big time! After hearing this I told my wife that the seat in Church would never be empty again and I meant it. She beamed at this statement.

When I started attending this new Church, I felt somewhat uncomfortable, I was not used to singing and lifting hands, it was out of my element. Secondly, I wasn't familiar with the Bible. I knew one verse from the Bible, and that was about it! Over time I became more comfortable and the Word was starting to consume me. The more I read the Bible the more I wanted. I was on fire for God now! I wanted to know more and more. In may 2004 I'm sitting in service and Pastor is delivering a message on Salvation. I felt like God was telling me things through the Pastor that night, He was telling me what that "missing" feeling was. At the end of service during prayer the Pastor calls anyone who wants to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior to come up and receive salvation. I heard God tell me to go and Go I did! That night I accepted Jesus into my life, after the prayer of salvation ended I turned to my wife, during this time the congregation is praying and my wife didn't realize I was the one accepting Jesus, I looked at her open her eyes and focus on me, she let loose an astounding "Hallelujah!" and cried with joy! I don't think there was a dry eye in the Church. That was my night, I was the only one accepting Jesus, it was me and Jesus, he made me the center of attention. My wife and I are truly blessed. Soon after this I signed up for Bible School and I'm on a mission for God ever since. I Worship, Honor and Praise His Holy Name.

By God's special favor and mighty power, I have been given the wonderful privilege of serving him by spreading this Good News. Ephesians 3:7

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