Wayne Mack

Wayne Mack

Wayne Mack is a graduate of Wheaton College (BA), the Philadelphia Seminary (MDiv, Greek), and the Westminster Theological Seminary. He has also been involved extensive graduate studies in various subjects at several graduate schools (psychology at LaSalle University; counseling, theology and church history at Eastern Baptist Seminar; theology and Bible subjects at Wheaton graduate school and Trinity Evangelical Seminary).

From 1958 to 1976, Dr. Mack served as a pastor in local churches. From 1976 to the present he has taught college and graduate school courses in biblical counseling at The Master's College and Seminary; Westminster Theological Seminary, Biblical Seminary and the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation. During this time, Wayne has conducted seminars and conferences all over our country and around the world. He has also functioned as the Director of a Counseling Center and Training School and done extensive counseling. He is a church elder, formerly in Grace Community Church where he also served as a pastor of one of the fellowship groups, and most recently in Grace Fellowship Church of the Lehigh Valley in PA where his son, Joshua, serves as the pastor.

From 1992 to the present, he has been involved in developing and expanding the undergraduate major in biblical counseling (one of the largest majors on campus) at The Master's College as well planning and supervising the development of an MA program in biblical counseling.

Wayne is a charter member of the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors (NANC - founded in the early part of the 1970s). He has served as an executive board member and in 2006 was inducted as a Member of the Academy. Wayne speaks regularly at NANC's annual national conference and at NANC regional conferences. He serves on the board of FIRE (Fellowship of Independent Reformed Evangelicals) and on the Board of Directors of Publicaciones Faro de Gracia. He is presently the director of Strengthening Ministries International - a ministry that seeks to strengthen churches and Christians by conducting counselor training conferences and/or marriage and family and Christian Living seminars all over the world, by developing and distributing biblically based practical books, audio and video tapes on counseling, theological and Christian living subjects.

Wayne has been married to his wife, Carol, since 1957. They have four adult children, three daughters-in-law and 13 grandchildren.

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Books by Wayne Mack

2639X: Humility: The Forgotten Virtue Humility
By Wayne A. Mack with Joshua Mack

Pride seeks to dethrone God and enthrone itself. How can Christians fight against this sin and develop genuine humility? In this helpful book, Wayne Mack guides us through Scripture and shows us how we can take steps to develop humility and diminish the destructive pride in our lives.

380047: A Fight to the Death: Taking Aim at Sin Within A Fight to the Death
By Wayne A. Mack & Joshua Mack

Wayne and Joshua Mack define sin as "any failure to conform to God's holy law. Therefore, we sin when we do, say, or think anything that God commands us not to. Likewise, we sin when we do not do, say, or think what God commands us to. They explain why sin is so serious, why God hates it so much, and how deceitful it is. Then they delve into killing sin in your life with practical steps and encouragement. They give a powerful warning to Christians about the dangers of prosperity in the western world. The Macks then provide hope that the areas of sin that we struggle with daily can be put to death.

3220822: The Fear Factor: What Satan Doesn't Want You to Know The Fear Factor
By Wayne Mack & Joshua Mack

Satan wants you blind, paralyzed, imprisoned, and---most of all---ignorant that Christ wants you free! In The Fear Factor, Wayne and Joshua Mack explain that, though "No Fear" sounds good, it's just a bumper-sticker slogan unless you start thinking like a child of God. Discover what the devil doesn't want you to know in this 14-part Bible study aimed at destroying the shackles that bind you.

737574: To Be or Not To Be a Church Member, That is the Question To Be or Not To Be a Church Member, That is the Question
By Wayne Mack

Should you commit yourself to membership in a local church? Isn't just being a Christian enough? Anyhow, where does the Bible say that we have to become members of a church... why can't I just attend and get involved? These are very important questions that demand an answer, especially in the "casual age" that we're living in. Dr. Wayne Mack brings his years of experience as a Bible teacher, pastor and counselor to this very controversial topic. His answers are straightforward and clear: "YES!" You must become a church member if you're to be obedient to Our Lord Jesus Christ and the clear teaching of the New Testament.

526136: Reaching the Ear of God: Praying More . . . and More like Jesus Reaching the Ear of God
By Wayne Mack

In this book, Wayne Mack motivates us to pray more than we have before. "I have yet to meet people who would say that they pray as much as they think they should," Mack writes. And he shows us how to pray more as Jesus prayed. "I want us to learn from history's greatest prayer expert," he writes.

133022: Twin Pillars of the Christian Life: Effective Prayer and Bible Study Twin Pillars of the Christian Life
By Wayne Mack & Joshua Mack

The Mack's work on the subjects of prayer & Bible study are sure to provide lasting help to those desiring to draw nearer to God in prayer, to know that they pray biblically, and who are convinced that Bible reading is intended to bring them more life-changing benefits than it has thus far in their own practice.

53854: Strengthening Your Marriage Strengthening Your Marriage
By Wayne A. Mack

You married "for better or worse." Whichever term describes your marriage today, it can be better tomorrow. Mack's Bible-based approach to marriage offers practical insights on marital roles, child-rearing, finances and more. This encouraging book can be used as a study guide for husbands, and wives, or by pastors as a counseling tool.

80328: Sweethearts for a Lifetime: Making the Most of Your Marriage Sweethearts for a Lifetime
By Wayne A. Mack, Carol Mack & Joshua Mack

This biblical practical book will help couples restore warmth and vitality to their marriages. Written for both newlyweds and for those who have long been married, this will certainly become a classic for years to come.

20192: Preparing for Marriage God's Way Preparing for Marriage God's Way
By Dr. Wayne A. Mack

Designed to be used by individual couples or groups, Mack's marriage manual helps you discover your prospective spouse's unknown personality traits, cope with different backgrounds, resolve conflicts, deal with in-laws, understand God's role in a happy marriage.

60358: Your Family God's Way Your Family God's Way
By Wayne Mack

Wayne A. Mack offers biblical insight and practical wisdom into two crucial areas of family life: communication and conflict resolution. Alerting us to the pitfalls of faulty communication such as "undertalk," "overtalk," and poor listening. Firsthand success stories and highly practical application questions give hope and clear direction to all who wish to build stronger families God's way.

737566: Anger & Stress Management, God's Way Anger & Stress Management, God's Way
By Dr. Wayne Mack

What is the Biblical and God-Glorifying way to handle anger and stress? Dr. Wayne Mack, one of the most well-known and trusted Christian counselors of our time, tells you, not just how to handle anger, but the root causes of anger. By doing this, Dr. Mack helps you to better understand why your reactions to stress, and its accompanying anger, are usually the result of “not getting what we think we need.” He then goes on to explain how to restructure your thinking to make your reaction more Christ-like.

5523560: Homework Manual for Biblical Living: Personal &  Interpersonal Problems Volume 1 A Homework Manual for Biblical Living, Volume 1
By Wayne Mack

Counselors needing specific assignments to give counselees, or individuals seeking practical helps for their own struggles will welcome Wayne Mack's homework manuals. This first volume deals with personal and interpersonal problems in over thirty categories such as anger, blameshifting, communication, dating, finances, obesity, pride, sex problems, sleep, suffering, thought patterns, and work. Dr Mack presents a wealth of scriptural information for solving problems in each area covered.

5523579: Homework Manual for Biblical Living: Family & Marital  Problems Volume 2 A Homework Manual for Biblical Living, Volume 2
By Wayne Mack

In this second volume Dr. Mack sheds biblical light on family and marital problems by offering individual and joint assignments for husbands and wives, and for parents and children on topics such as communication, developing common interests, marriage evaluation, child rearing, and family religion.

904576: A Christian Growth and Discipleship Manual: A Homework Manual for Biblical Living - Volume 3 A Homework Manual for Biblical Living, Volume 3
By Wayne A. Mack & Wayne Erick Johnston

A large collection of short Bible studies and inventories on a variety of subjects related to Christian living and discipleship. Workbook is designed to help people grow in their Christian lives and assist them in Finding God's solutions to various problems they encounter in life. Useful in personal discipleship, biblical counseling, parenting, Bible study groups, accountability and growth in marriage, and general spiritual growth.

904592: Out of the Blues: Dealing with the Blues of Depression & Loneliness Out of the Blues
By Wayne Mack

Out of the Blues addresses the issue of depression, a problem that nearly everyone faces at some time in their life. Using a distinctly biblical perspective, Mack defines what depression is and outlines causes and solutions to the blues caused by loneliness. Includes a Q and A section and additional notes written for counselors, making this a good resource for both those seeking help and offering help.

526721: Down, But Not Out: How to Get Up When Life Knocks You Down Down, But Not Out
By Wayne Mack

Life is full of problems that can bring us down. As Christians, however, we know that Jesus overcame the world, and by His power at work within us, we can as well. In Down, but Not Out, Wayne Mack brings biblical counsel to people suffering from worry or spiritual burnout. He also addresses other "downers" such as self-pity, discontentment, discouragement, perplexity, and hopelessness. At the end of each chapter are several application questions.

3220792: God's Solutions to Life's Problems God's Solutions to Life's Problems
By Dr. Wayne Mack & Joshua Mack

Whether you're rich or poor, young or old, no life is trouble-free---not even if you're a Christian. How do you cope with daily obstacles and challenges? By tapping into God's Solutions to Life's Problems! Leading you step-by-step through God's Word, Wayne and Joshua Mack's Bible study equips you with scriptural answers to help you resolve life's quandaries---practically, persistently, and permanently.

23552: Life in the Father's House A Member's Guide to the Local Church Life in the Father's House
By Wayne Mack

Ideal for new Christians and discipleship groups, this helpful book explains why church membership is essential to the spiritual health of every believer. Mack and Swavely's practical discussions of the traits of a good church, leadership, male and female roles, worship, and more provide an excellent, scripturally based overview of the importance of the church community.

737531: True Success and How to Attain It: and a Man's Greatest Need True Success and How to Attain It
By Dr. Wayne Mack

This little book comprising of two extended essays will prove to be one of the most useful and moving you will ever read. Simple yet powerful, all Christians should read it in order to understand who they are and where they are going, while the unsaved will discover their desperate need for the God who is ready to forgive.

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