Sinclair Ferguson

Sinclair Ferguson

Dr. Sinclair Ferguson is a council member of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals and senior pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, SC, as well as Professor of Systematic Theology at Westminster Seminary in Dallas, TX. He is the former pastor of St. George’s-Tron in Glasgow, Scotland. He is a graduate of the University of Aberdeen (MA 1968; B.D. 1971; PhD 1979), and was ordained in the Church of Scotland in 1976.

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Books by Sinclair Ferguson

1516106: Healthy Christian Growth Healthy Christian Growth
By Sinclair Ferguson

Biblical guidelines for growing to maturity. The pattern of God's work in the lives of His people is explained and concludes with a brief spiritual check-up. Relevant to all stages of spiritual development, it provides a guide that will be specially helpful to new Christians.

1515576: Grow in Grace Grow in Grace
By Sinclair Ferguson

The biblical teaching in Grow in Grace will appeal to Christians at all stages, while its straightforward explanation of the patterns of God's work in His people makes it ideal for those who are just beginning.

1515169: The Christian Life: A Doctrinal Introduction The Christian Life
By Sinclair B Ferguson

The Christian Life not only expounds the teaching of Scripture, but outlines its meaning for practical Christian living. It is, as J.I. Packer writes in his preface, theology that is "practical, applying Bible teaching with insight and wisdom to the condition of plain people. Christian beginners will get the benefit and the Lords older sheep, grown tough and stringy maybe, will find themselves edified and perhaps tenderized too."

13344: Discovering Gods Will: Discovering God's Will
By Sinclair Ferguson

How do we discover the will of God for our lives? Sinclair Ferguson answers this question by showing how God's will is shaped by His ultimate purposes for us. It is made known to us through His Word. At times discovering God's will demands careful thought: it may require patience; it always demands a right attitude to God himself. Discovering God's Will draws out fundamental principles by which God guides us, applies them to practical situations like vocation and marriage, and underlines many important biblical counsels. It shows that the guidance God gives come primarily through knowing, loving and obeying him.

1515193: Sermon on the Mount: Kingdom Life in a Fallen World Sermon on the Mount
By Sinclair Ferguson

"It is not a sermon about an ideal life in an ideal world," writes Ferguson, "but about the kingdom life in a fallen world." It answers some of the most pressing questions that every Christian encounters, including: What is a Christian? Does the Law of God still have a place in the Christian life? How can I learn to pray? How can I learn self-discipline? Why am I a prisoner to anxiety? The Sermon on the Mount deals with these issues in a crisp, concise and readable way and provides an ideal introduction to Jesus' great manifesto for kingdom life.

0815368: The Holy Spirit: Contours of Christian Theology The Holy Spirit
By Sinclair Ferguson

The Holy Spirit, once forgotten, has been "rediscovered" in the twentieth century - or has He? Sinclair Ferguson believes we should rephrase this common assertion: "While his work has been recognized, the Spirit himself remains to many Christians an anonymous, faceless aspect of the divine being." In order to redress this balance, Ferguson seeks to recover the who of the Spirit as much as the what and how. Ferguson's study is rooted and driven by the scriptural story of the Spirit in creation and redemption.

1516769: Pundit's Folly Pundit's Folly
By Sinclair Ferguson

The Pundit's Folly answers the question, is the pathway to personal significance and lasting satisfaction impossible to find? By means of the experiences described in the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes (the Pundit of the book's title). It unmasks the false promises of happiness which the world offers and uncovers the dissatisfactions, longings and needs of the heart in order to point to the source of true satisfaction in Jesus Christ. Written specifically to help non-Christians, The Pundit's Folly is a tool for evangelism.

516912: Deserted by God? Deserted by God?
By Sinclair Ferguson

Suffering, failure, sin, illness, loneliness, disappointment. For many people such experiences raise the questions: Why has this happened to me? Has God abandoned me? Can nobody help? Is despair all that is left to me? This book begins with the question "Can Anyone Help Me?" and draws on the experience of the psalmist in the Old Testament to help us to begin to understand the ways of God.

29969: If I Should Die Before I Wake: What's Beyond this Life If I Should Die Before I Wake
By K. Scott Oliphint & Sinclair Ferguson

Facing death enables us to face life. In this contemporary classic Scott and Sinclair discuss why no one really dies of 'natural causes' gives true/false answers to the reasons people think will get them to heaven, explains what the Bible has to say about the future, what heaven is like and how to be ready for death.

517552: Let's Study Mark Let's Study Mark
By Sinclair Ferguson

The Gospel of Mark was written to persuade its readers that Jesus was the Son of God...Who is Jesus of Nazareth? What is the good news (Gospel) about Him?...This commentary provides us with Mark's answer.

1515029: A Heart for God A Heart for God
By Sinclair Ferguson

In these pages, Sinclair B. Ferguson guides us, step by step, to see the greatness of God in His majesty and creative power; to sense the tenderness of His care and the marvel of His love. A Heart For God is 'practical, pastoral and profound.

41653: The Grace of Repentance The Grace of Repentance
By Sinclair Ferguson

Sinclair Ferguson looks at the biblical definition of repentance, how some modern churchs are repeating medieval errors, and the necessity of reformation. Whereas current teaching often belittles repentance, Ferguson believes that it is not only essential for salvation, but is also the concrete expression of divine regeneration.

1515363: Children of the Living God Children of the Living God
By Sinclair Ferguson

Children of the Living God underlines that we were created for joyful fellowship with God, and explains how we enter His family by new birth and adoption. Its chapters show how the Spirit of sonship, Christian freedom, divine discipline, prayer, and the sacraments all contribute to our experience of the love the Father has for His children.

1515037: John Owen on the Christian Life John Owen on the Christian Life
By Sinclair Ferguson

John Owen's writings address the fundamental issues Christians face in every age. John Owen on the Christian Life expounds Owen's teaching on these themes. It also stands on its own as a study in pastoral theology. Ministers, Christian leaders, readers of Owen, and those who are daunted by the sheer voluminousness of his writings will find this book an ideal companion.

26743: John Owen: The Man and His Theology John Owen
By Sinclair Ferguson

John Owen's life from 1616 until 1683 spans one of the most momentous epochs in the history of Britain. How should we assess this man of so many talents, in turn a country pastor, an army chaplain, head of an Oxford college and vice-chancellor before becoming a leader among the persecuted Nonconformists? Beginning with an overview of his life and the times he lived in, the contributors to the symposium consider various aspects of John Owen's theology and the impact that his work had on his own day and ours.

25599: The Big Book of Questions & Answers About Jesus: A Family Guide to Jesus' Life and Ministry The Big Book of Questions & Answers About Jesus
By Sinclair Ferguson

Following on from the success of the original Big Book of Questions and Answers, this book tackles the many questions that children have about Jesus, including: What was so special about Jesus? Why did Jesus heal sick people? Why did Jesus have to die? How can I give my life to Jesus? An invaluable tool for introducing children to Jesus and helping them to get to know Him better, in an enjoyable and interactive way. Recommended for ages 5 to 10.

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