Ruth 3-4

Acts of Faith and Love

Passage: Read Ruth 3-4

Introduction: Ruth continues to glean in Boaz’s field, Naomi develops a plan to appeal to Boaz as the Kinsman-Redeemer. Ruth carries out Naomi’s plan by going to Boaz at the threshing floor. Boaz reflects God’s character of love by promising his help. Boaz takes the initiative in bringing about the act of redemption. Naomi’s emptiness turns into fullness by the love and compassion of Boaz. The book of Ruth reminds us that even in the dark days of the Judges, God was at work in the lives of Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz. At the same time, we see God’s sovereignty in the development of His purposes in the godly line of David, which would one day come to its fulfillment in Jesus Christ. God works good!


Chapter 3

1. How does Naomi act in faith by sending Ruth to Boaz?

2. How does Ruth act in faith by going to Boaz?

3. How can we act in faith even in times when we don’t know how the situation is going to work out?

4. How did Boaz again reflect the character of God in his response?

Chapter 4

5. What price does Boaz pay for redeeming the land and “acquiring” Ruth?

6. Do we find ourselves wondering if God is concerned or involved based on how we “see” things? How does the book of Ruth encourage us to rely on the character of God as revealed in His Word, rather to depend on our feelings (2 Corinthians 5:7)?

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