Ruth: Introduction

The Book of Ruth

  • Ruth was a young woman of Moab, David's great-grandmother, and an ancestress of Jesus (Matthew 1:1,5).
  • The book of Ruth takes place during the time of the Judges - a time of spiritual and moral decline in Israel.
  • Ruth is a story of the private lives of an Israelite family. It is a story of light during a dark era.


  • Redemption is a key theme throughout the book.
  • Ruth's unselfish devotion to Naomi.
  • Boaz's kindness to two widows (Ruth and Naomi).
  • Selfless acts of Ruth and Boaz.
  • Naomi's transformation from emptiness to fullness.
  • A love that could only reflect God's love.


  • Unknown
  • According to Jewish tradition, Samuel wrote the book of Ruth.
  • It was most likely written during the period of the monarcy, possibly during Solomon's regin (the Golden Age).

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