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Romans - Written by Paul to the believers at Rome, setting forth the need for and the plan of salvation (Romans 1-11) and the practical implications of this salvation for godly living. Chapter 12 contains a discussion of gifts and ends with a powerful section on how to relate to people (especially unbelievers) who mistreat you. Chapter 13 is a key passage for the Christian's relationship to the state. Chapters 14 and 15 contain some vital principles on how to handle non-essential differences with other believers (i.e. the issues of Christian liberty). Romans 14:23 contains one of the most important principles relating to decision-making--specifically the "holding principle."

Overview (John Piper):
The Mighty and Merciful Message of Romans 1-8
The Greatest Thing in the World: An Overview of Romans 1-7

Commentary on Romans

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John Piper/ John MacArthur/ J. Ligon Duncan/ Charles Spurgeon

Sermons on Romans (by chapter)

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Chapter 1

Introduction - 1:1-7
Paul's Longing to Visit Rome - 1:8-15
Righteousness from God - 1:16-17 (Theme)
God's Wrath Against Mankind - 1:18-32

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Chapter 2

God's Righteous Judgment - 2:1-16
The Jews and the Law - 2:17-29

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Commentary on Romans

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