Philip Graham Ryken

Philip Graham Ryken

Philip Graham Ryken is the senior pastor at Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, Pa. He has been of staff since the summmer of 1995, and became the senior pastor after Dr. James Montogomery Boice's death in 2000. He graduated from Wheaton College (B. A.) (Illinois) in 1988, from Westminster Theological Seminary (Master of Divinity) in 1992 and from the University of Oxford in 1995 with a D. Phil. in Historical Theology. Dr. Ryken is a Council Member of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. In January of 2004 he became the Bible Teacher for Every Last Word. He is married to Elisabeth (Lisa) and they have five children, Joshua, Kirsten, James, Kathryn Elaine, and Karoline Jorena.

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Books by Philip Graham Ryken

24049: The Message of Salvation The Message of Salvation
By Philip Graham Ryken

Philip Ryken has chosen nineteen biblical passages that take us deeper into the biblical teaching on salvation. The centerpiece of each passage has a familiar ring: election, deliverance, reconciliation, and glorification. But each facet directs us by turns to a glory far exceeding itself. A passion for the grandness of God's work shows through as Ryken illuminates the contours of the message of salvation.

41199: Is Jesus the Only Way? Is Jesus the Only Way?
By Philip Graham Ryken

This small booklet is perfect for reference when witnessing or to give to someone who is seeking. Ryken handles some of the tougher questions that Christians get asked in this Postmodern society in regards to the exclusive claim that Jesus is the only way to heaven. Written in a sensitive yet direct way, this is a great introduction to the most essential apologetic issue of our times.

384014: Ryken's Bible Handbook Ryken's Bible Handbook
By L. Ryken, P. Ryken & J. Wilhoit

That favorite Scripture passage---is it poetry, historical narrative, wisdom literature, part of a parable? Find out with this informative resource that provides the literary background of each book in the Bible. Includes a fact sheet for each chapter, a one-year Bible reading plan, insight from respected evangelical scholars, illustrations, and more.

80527: When You Pray: Making the Lord's Prayer Your Own When You Pray
By Philip Graham Ryken

Ryken looks at the power and truth within each phrase of the Lord's Prayer, draws them together with other biblical passages, and shows how you can make this prayer your own. His warm approach, examples, and illustrations will enrich your heart and strengthen your prayer life, for the more you study the Lord's Prayer, the better you are able to pray. And the more you pray, the more deeply you are drawn into communion with God.

25607: My Father's World: Meditations on Christianity and Culture My Father's World
By Philip Ryken

What we believe shapes the way we live. The way we live reveals our convictions about God, the world, and our place in it. We see many happy reminders that our father made this world and everything good in it. But we also see painful reminders of sin distorting what he has made. As My Father's World shows, all is not lost- our Father is at work in His world and in us.

27975: He Speaks to Me Everywhere: Meditations on Christianity and Culture He Speaks to Me Everywhere
By Phillip Ryken

Philip Ryken in He Speakes to Me From Everywhere, takes topics from our culture and turns them into meditations on living out the Christian life in a cult that often forgets God. These meditations will demonstrate just how vast, rich and comprehensive the Christian life truly is. Allow Philip Ryken to walk you through the difficut topics of contemporary life by helping you to develop biblical perspective on all of life.

25072: The Communion of Saints: Living in Fellowship with the People of God The Communion of Saints
By Philip Graham Ryken

Living in fellowship with the people of God. In a day when Christians are more divided than united, true believers must again commit themselves to their common spiritual communion with one another. This biblical and practical guide, complete with leader’s guide and spiritual gifts questionnaire, guides those united in Christ toward life in the Christian community.

41998: City on a Hill: Reclaiming the Biblical Pattern for the Church in the 21st Century City on a Hill
By Philip Graham Ryken

We are now living in post-Christian times, when Christianity no longer is the prevailing influence on the mind and heart of our culture. But we cannot compromise. More than ever before, it is imperative that Christians understand and embrace the biblical pattern for the church. City on a Hill will provide readers with a deeper understanding of how to live for Christ in the twenty-first century: go back to the model set out in the first century. Sure to be an encouragement and challenge to anyone concerned about the effectiveness of the church today.

42997: The Doctrines of Grace The Doctrines of Grace
By James Montgomery Boice & Philip Graham Ryken

Evangelicalism desperately needs to return to the doctrines that once before reformed the world: radical depravity, unconditional election, particular redemption, efficacious grace and persevering grace. James Boice and Philip Ryken not only provide a compelling exposition on these doctrines of grace, but also look briefly at their historical impact. They leave no doubt that the church suffers when these foundational truths are neglected and that she must return to a Christianity that is practically minded, kind hearted, and most importantly, biblically based.

25989: What is a True Calvinist What is a True Calvinist
By Philip Graham Ryken

This practical introduction to Reformed spirituality demonstrates, in Ryken's words, that "the doctrines of grace help to preserve all that is right and good in the Christian life: humility, holiness, and thankfulness, with a passion for prayer and evangelism." The booklet will introduce lay readers to Reformed distinctives. It is designed especially for use by Presbyterian and Reformed churches.

46789: The Heart of the Cross The Heart of the Cross
By Philip Graham Ryken & James Montgomery Boice

Jesus' words and work on the cross carry a message for each of us. A message of eternal life offered up freely. Of a perfect love with no end. Of a glorious hope attained at great cost. And of a divine power that exists beyond the limitations of all flesh. These devotional readings probe Christ's last earthly words and the biblical writers' words about the cross to reveal not only the meaning of Calvary but the heart of God. They will also give you a richer understanding of the amazing love that drove Jesus to the cross, conquering the powers of hell once and for all.

526144: The Church: One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic The Church: One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic
By Richard Phillips, Philip Graham Ryken & Mark E. Dever

Three pastor-scholars explore the meaning for evangelicals today of the Nicene Creed's affirmation of the church as "one, holy, catholic, and apostolic." Their desire is that we may love Christ more by loving His church, serve Him better by serving His body, and realize more fully our union with Him through fellowship with His people.

43880: The Prayer of Our Lord The Prayer of Our Lord
By Phillip Graham Ryken

The beauty in the simplicity of the Lord's Prayer is that it touches all of life. Though its words are few, it expresses our every need---from salvation to daily bread---and our gratitude for God's gracious provision for everything. Ryken looks at the power and truth within each phrase of this familiar petition, draws in other biblical passages, and reveals the practical pattern for prayer that holds the promise of changing your life.

44906: Written in Stone Written in Stone
By Philip Graham Ryken

Philip Graham Ryken believes that the Ten Commandments are an expression of God's eternal character and thus have binding force today. In this book he explains the value of the law for us - to convict us of our sin, to restrain sin in society, and to show us how to live for Christ. Dr. Ryken offers basic principles for interpreting and applying God's law and explains these holy words commandment by commandment, illustrating each with a biblical account and relating each to the person and redemptive work of Jesus Christ.

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