Judges 9-12


Passage: Read Judges 9-12

Introduction: We read about Abimelech, a cruel, self-proclaimed king of Israel, who was Gideon's son. He involves himself in conquering, mass murder, and conflict until his violent death. The effects of sin are evident as we study Abimelech's life and his motives. Again we find Israel deeply rooted in idolatry, being oppressed, and God answering them. Although it seems as if God's patience is running thin, but His love, grace, and mercy are always there for His children. God raises up Tola, Jair, Ibzan, Elon, Abdon (minor judges), and Jephthah, another unlikely candidate, to deliver Israel from their oppressors.


Chapter 9

1. What were Abimelech's motives for being king?

2. What is the meaning of Jotham's fable?

3. Why are we told the story of Abimelech? How can we be encouraged?

Chapter 10

4. (10:13) Why did God say “I will no longer save you"?

5. Why must true repentance be accompanied by new behavior?

Chapter 11

6. What do we notice about Jephthah's response to the Ammonite king?

7. Why was Jephthah's sacrifice of his daughter wrong from the start?

Chapter 12

8. Why did the men of Ephraim challenge Jephthah?

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