Judges 4-5


Passage: Read Judges 4-5

Introduction: The story of Deborah falls in line with the theme of Judges. Israel again does evil in the sight of the Lord, they were oppressed by Jabin, they cried out to the Lord, and God rose up Deborah to deliver them. Deborah, a woman of great faith and courage, was not only a judge, but also a prophetess. Deborah sends Barak to lead Israel in battle against Sisera, the commander of Jabin's army. Israel becomes divided because not all the tribes participated in the battle. Nevertheless, the victory was God's, as again He uses miraculous intervention in the defeat of Israel's enemy. A song is written (most likely by Deborah) to recall the events and give God thanksgiving and praise. Peace was restored again in Israel for forty years.


Chapter 4

1. Barak was hesitant to follow God's commands (4:8). Why is obedience a product of faith?

2. Barak had to learn it is God who sets the conditions. Why is this important for us to understand?

3. 4:14, "Has not the Lord gone ahead of you.” How does Israel learn that God's power rests upon them in their weakness (see 2 Corinthians 12:9-10)?

Chapter 5

4. Why did Deborah describe herself as “a mother in Israel" (5:7)?

5. Israel was in a desperate situation because of their sin (5:8 “they chose new gods"). What can happen to us spiritually when we choose new or old gods (habitual sin)?

6. Why didn't the other tribes mentioned in 5:15-17 decide not to engage in battle? What is our answer to God's challenges?

7. 5:31 gives us a challenging contrast. What does this verse mean to us as believers (see John 8:12; Luke 1:78-79)?

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