Judges 17-21

False Religion/Godlessness

Passage: Read Judges 17-21

Introduction: The death of Samson concludes the accounts of the twelve judges and the history of the people of Israel under their leadership. The last five chapters of the book recount two incidents which provide typical examples of what life was like in Israel at the time of the Judges. The closing chapters reveal the deep effects sin can have when God's people disobey His instructions and forget about His grace and mercy. Chapters 17 and 18 deal with the religious and spiritual chaos in Israel, focusing on the problem of idolatry. Chapters 19-21 focus on the moral chaos, which is the result of Israel's spiritual unbelief.


Chapter 17

1. Micah directly sins against the second commandment (Exodus 20:4-5). What is an idol? What is the root of idol worship?

2. Micah worshipped God in the way he wanted to. How should we worship God (John 4:23-24)?

Chapter 18

3. What was the motivation behind the Danites apostasy?

Chapter 19

4. In the story of the Levite, what moral absolutes are broken?

Chapter 20

5. As the tribes gathered to reach a verdict, was their thinking correct in dealing with the problem?

6. The tribe of Benjamin's response to the situation, tells us what about the moral state of the nation?

Chapter 21

7. What did the sinful and immoral acts of the nation result in (consequences)?

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