Judges 13-16

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Passage: Read Judges 13-16

Introduction: In the introduction of the life of Samson, we again find the Israelites doing evil in the eyes of the Lord. Israel is punished by being oppressed by the Philistines for 40 years. Again God rises up a judge in Samson to defeat Israel's enemy. Samson is the most powerful of the judges physically and the weakest morally. He does more single-handedly than the others, but less for the nation as a whole. Samson is an individualist, but hardly a leader. Two factors differ from the reoccurring theme of Judges: 1) The people do not cry out to God 2) Samson judges 20 years in Israel and makes a few dents in the Philistines, but their oppression of Israel continues.


Chapter 13

1. What is the significance that Samson would be a Nazirite from birth to death?

2. Reading the events that unfold - the ­announcement of Samson's' miraculous birth, the appearing of the angel, Manoah's initial doubt - Why do you think God was bringing these events at the time?

Chapter 14

3. Samson marries a Philistine woman (see Exodus 34:16). How do we see God's involvement in our lives even when we make bad decisions (sin)?

4. What do we learn about Samson's character? What purpose do these events serve (feast, riddle, betrayal)?

Chapter 15

5. (15:1-8) What do we understand in regards to sin?

6. (15:9-11) What insight do these verses give us of the condition of the nation of Israel at this time?

7. After destroying the Philistines with the jawbone, what is the importance of the episode at the spring?

Chapter 16

8. Did Samson truly understand where his strength came from? What (Who) did Samson put his faith in?

9. Looking at the life of Samson, how can we compare, contrast, and apply it to our lives?

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