Judges 1-3

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Disobedience and Defeat - Othniel/Ehud/Shamgar

Passage: Read Judges 1-3

Introduction: Chapter 1 opens with the notice of the death of Joshua. A series of tribal wars begin, with Judah leading, to take possession of the land. Judah was successful in taking the hill country because the Lord was with them (1:19). The remainder of the battles end in stand-offs, with the Israelites living side by side with the people of the land. An angel of the Lord appears to the Israelites to announce their disobedience to God and their eventual failure to successfully take the land. The author introduces the era of the judges: l) Israel's sin 2) oppression 3) Israel calls out for help 4) God raises up judges. Because of Israel's disobedience God does not drive out the nations and uses them as a test for Israel. In Chapter 3, we read the account of Israel's first judges of the era: Othniel, Ehud, and Shamgar.


Chapter 1

1. Why were the Israelites unable to drive out the people from the land?

2. As Christians, why is it important to have a church and other believers to be accountable to?

Chapter 2

3. (2:10) What is the importance of teaching our children in the ways of the Lord?

4. What do we learn of God's grace and forgiveness?

Chapter 3

5. Why was Ehud being left-handed significant?

6. What two main lessons do we learn of the welfare of the Israelite nation?

7. At the end of Joshua (see Joshua 24:14-27), Israel committed to serve the Lord. Why do actions speak louder than words? (see James 1:22-25)

8. In Judges, the pattern of apostasy, oppression, cries of distress, and deliverance should encourage us to do what?

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