Joshua 5-7

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Circumcision at Gilgal/Conquest of Jericho/Achan's Sin

Passage: Read Joshua 5-7

Introduction: The Israelites have crossed the Jordan and all the Amorite kings, and the Canaanite kings hearts melted in fear. God told Joshua to perform the rite of circumcision at Gilgal to consecrate the Israelites to Him. The Lord gives Joshua detailed instructions for the conquest of Jericho. After following the Lord's method of attack, the walls of Jericho come down; only Rahab and her family are spared. All the spoils (silver and gold) of the battle were sacred to the Lord and went into His treasury. The Israelites moved forward to take out Ai, but this time they are defeated. The defeat was a result of Achan's sin. He had taken some of the treasures and put them among his possessions thinking no one would notice. He directly disobeyed God's command. Achan's sin will be dealt with.


Chapter 5

1. (vv. 1-12) Circumcision was the sign of the covenant between God and Israel (Abrahamic covenant). Why was it important for the Israelites to be circumcised at this time?

2. (vv. 13-15) How do you think the visit by the commander of the army of the Lord affected Joshua? What was the purpose?

Chapter 6

3. (vv. 1-5) What are the symbolic aspects of the Lord's instructions for the conquest of Jericho? What is the significance of each?

4. (vv. 17-25) What did it mean for the city and its contents to be devoted to the Lord?

5. What can we learn from Israel's conquest of Jericho in regards to our daily lives (battle with sin)?

Chapter 7

6. (vv. 1-9) The Israelites are defeated at Ai. What are Joshua's concerns after this defeat?

7. (vv. 10-15) How do God's concerns differ from Joshua's?

8. (vs. 19) Joshua urged Achan to "give glory to the Lord" by admitting his crime. How does confession glorify God (see 1 John 1:9)?

9. How did Achan’s sin affect the Israelites? How does our sin affect others?

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