Joshua 2-4

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Rahab and the Spies/Crossing the Jordan River

Passage: Read Joshua 2-4

Introduction: The Israelites are preparing to cross the Jordan River to enter into the Promised Land. Joshua has ordered the officers of the people to get supplies ready. Joshua sends two spies to check out the land (especially Jericho). The spies come in contact with Rahab, a prostitute, who helps them in exchange for saving her family. Rahab is not remembered for her occupation, but for her great faith in God (Hebrews 11:31). Her faith is evidence to how God changes hearts and uses people for His glory. Joshua gives the command from God for the people to cross the Jordan. The Israelites will witness another remarkable and amazing miracle from God; God stops the flow of water in the Jordan to enable them to cross over.


Chapter 2

1. (vv.1-7) What risks does Rahab take in protecting the spies? How is her risk-taking related to faith?

2. (vv.8-11) What does Rahab know and believe about the God of Israel?

3. What effect did Rahab's faith have on the Israelites?

4. Why must a genuine faith express itself in actions? (James 2:14-17, 25-26)

Chapter 3

5. (v.5) The Israelites consecrated themselves by washing their garments and by abstaining from sexual intercourse (Exodus 19:10, 14-15). Why was it important for them to consecrate themselves at this time?

Chapter 4

6. (3:7; 4:14) Why was this miraculous crossing especially important for Joshua's leadership? Why else was it important?

7. (vv.1-7; 19-24) How would the twelve stones from the Jordan River serve as a memorial for future generations?

8. What have we learned from these chapters in regards to the importance of remembering and celebrating the things God has done?

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