Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) was a theologian, missionary, and has been called one of America's greatest preachers.

Edwards was born in East Windsor, Connecticut. At 13, he entered Yale (September, 1716) and graduated four years later (1720) as valedictorian. He received his Masters three years later. Edwares conversion to Christ came in 1721 while he was meditating on 1 Timothy 1:17.

In 1727 he was ordained minister at Northampton and assistant to his maternal grandfather, Solomon Stoddard. In the same year, he married Sarah Pierpont, then age seventeen, daughter of James Pierpont (1659-1714), a founder of Yale, originally called the Collegiate School. In total, Jonathan and Sarah had eleven children. Solomon Stoddard died on February 11th, 1729, leaving to his grandson the difficult task of the sole ministerial charge of one of the largest and wealthiest congregations in the colony.

Throughout his time in Northampton his preaching brought remarkable religious revivals. Jonathan Edwards was a key figure in what has come to be called the First Great Awakening of the 1730s and 1740s.

Yet, tensions flamed as Edwards would not continue his grandfather's practice of open communion. Stoddard, his grandfather, believed that communion was a "converting ordinance." Surrounding congregations had been convinced of this, and as Edwards became more convinced that this was harmful, his public disagreement with the idea caused his dismissal in 1750.

Edwards then moved to Stockbridge, Massachusetts, and then a frontier settlement, where he ministered to a small congregation and served as missionary to the Housatonic Indians. There, having more time for study and writing, he completed his celebrated work, The Freedom of the Will (1754).

Edwards was elected president of the College of New Jersey (later Princeton University) in early 1758. He was a popular choice, for he had been a friend of the College since its inception and was the most eminent American philosopher-theologian of his time. On March 22, 1758, he died of fever at the age of fifty-four following inoculation for smallpox and was buried in the President's Lot in the Princeton cemetery beside his son-in-law, Aaron Burr.

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Books by Jonathan Edwards

18443: A History of the Work of Redemption A History of the Work of Redemption
By Jonathan Edwards

Colonial America's greatest theologian discovered a vast and immovable foundation running beneath the horizon of history. Drawing from astonishing depths of learning, these 30 sermons review the panorama of human events to conclude that past, present, and future turn upon the fulcrum of Christ's work of redemption. A robust pronouncement of gospel triumph.

4855: The Religious Affections The Religious Affections
By Jonathan Edwards

This book is among the best-known works of Jonathan Edwards. Edwards seeks to distinguish between true and false religion by showing the marks of a saving work of the Holy Spirit in men. In his Preface, Edwards stresses the importance of using "our utmost endeavors clearly to discern ...wherein true religion does consist". For "till this be done, it may be expected that great revivings of religion will be but of short continuance".

80333: The Freedom of The Will The Freedom of The Will
By Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards, the central figure in New England's first Great Awakening, offers here his most detailed description of the signs--true and false--of revival, while highlighting the role truly balanced emotions play within the Christian life. He takes a long, hard look at the evidence of true conversion--the fruit that comes from living like Christ. It is not enough to do "Christian" things for without an authentic, selfless service motivated by the Holy Spirit, our works are empty.

560530: The Life and Diary of David Brainerd The Life and Diary of David Brainerd
Edited by Jonathan Edwards

Frail, tubercular, and prone to depression, Brainerd was an unlikely candidate for missionary work. Yet in the 18th century, he converted hundreds of Native Americans through his example of self-denial, commitment to prayer, and devotion to Christ. Edited by Jonathan Edwards, Brainerd's firsthand account chronicles his amazing ministry---one that continues to shape today's missions.

526241: Praying Together for True Revival Praying Together for True Revival
By Jonathan Edwards

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary prayer. Conditions in the church and society today add urgency to Jonathan Edwards's appeal to Christians to unite in prayer "for those great effusions of the Holy Spirit" which advance God's kingdom. This book makes accessible Edwards's classic treatise on corporate prayer, An Humble Attempt. This book will promote understanding and spur us to prayer.

581070: Justification by Faith Alone Justification by Faith Alone
By Jonathan Edwards

Justification by Faith Alone was retypeset from the 1838 Hickman edition of The Works of Jonathan Edwards. This edition, in which spelling, grammar, and formatting changes have been made, is edited by Rev. Don Kistler.

51894X: Thoughts on New England Revival: Vindicating the Great Awakening Thoughts on New England Revival
By Jonathan Edwards

1742 was a year of great blessing but also of growing controversy. The Great Awakening of 1740 was still in progress, but a few dissenting voices were starting to make themselves heard. In this book Jonathan Edwards spoke out, not for the first time, in defense of what he considered to be "the glorious work of God." In this book, he enlarges and develops the arguments put forward in his The distinguishing Marks of a Work of the Spirit of God (1741), with the aim of defending this unprecedented period of revival against the unjust words of its critics and the overzealous excesses of its friends, both of which, he feared, would quench the Spirit and put a stop to the blessing.

380128: Pursuing Holiness in the Lord Pursuing Holiness in the Lord
By Jonathan Edwards, edited by T.M. Moore

Jonathan Edwards, one of the great thinkers in American religion, was first and foremost a preacher and pastor. Moore has judiciously chosen three of his most powerful works on the theme of holiness and grace: how God is pleased to work out His salvation in the lives of those who love him.

8924: Jonathan Edwards: On Revival Jonathan Edwards On Revival
By Jonathan Edwards

"On Revival" offers select works of Jonathan Edwards. Included are A Narrative of Surprising Conversions, dealing with religious revival in Northampton in 1735, The Distinguishing Marks of a Work of the Spirit of God, Edward's analytical treatise on revival, and An Account of the Revival of Religion in Northampton 1740-1742. This work hopes to further familiarize readers with Edwards and his timeless writings. The works are prefaced with some introductory material.

637704: Sermons of Jonathan Edwards Sermons of Jonathan Edwards

During the 18th century, the practice of reading the homilies of great preachers was a significant source of edification and inspiration. Now you can drink from that same well of spiritual wisdom with this stirring selection of 20 sermons from the eminent Puritan theologian. Their message of repentance and call to action is still fresh today!

8415X: Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God
By Jonathan Edwards

Heaven or Hell? Christ has thrown the door of mercy wide open, and He stands crying out to all to accept His call. Jonathan Edwards presents a clear picture of the predicament of every sinner and lukewarm Christian. Through his words, you can discover much about what it means to follow God. With compelling words and imagery, Edwards describes the shaky position of those who do not follow Christ and God's urgent call to receive His love and forgiveness today.

1513514: Charity & Its Fruits Charity & Its Fruits
By Jonathan Edwards

Sermons on 1 Corinthians 13 which give a rich insight into Edwards' regular pulpit ministry. The concluding chapter is on heaven as a world of love.

09496: Jonathan Edwards: His Greatest Sermons, Sinners in the  Hands of an Angry God and 11 More Classic Messages Jonathan Edwards
By Jonathan Edwards

For more than two centuries, Jonathan Edwards' messages have brought conversion, hope and spiritual awakening to the generations. Updated and revised, these classic sermons will bring a fresh awakening to today's generations seeking God.

581585: The Puritan Pulpit: Jonathan Edwards The Puritan Pulpit - Jonathan Edwards
By Jonathan Edwards

When Jonathan Edwards died in 1758, he left nearly 1100 sermon manuscripts behind in addition to his other writings. In this volume are 16 sermons, 14 of which are here presented for the first time ever in print form.

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