John Bunyan

John Bunyan

John Bunyan (1628-1688) was born in Elstow, Bedfordshire, England. Bunyan's 17th-century book The Pilgrim's Progress is classic literature's most famous Christian allegory. He grew up in a village outside Bedford, England, the son of a tinker (or brazier -- a mender of metal household utensils). Initially he followed his father's trade, but in 1647, at the age of 19, he married a young woman, who persuaded him to attend church with her regularly, where he heard the Gospel. After deep and prolonged soul struggle, he made a complete surrender to Christ, and was converted, after which he was baptized and joined the Baptist church of Bedford. Soon, he began to preach there and also in the surrounding villages, which caused the people to recognize in him elements of leadership as well as ability as an expositor of the Scriptures. He used plain language to spell out a theology in the tradition of Martin Luther and John Calvin.

His refusal to give up preaching without a license (without the permission of the State Church) led to his imprisonment in 1660. He spent the next twelve years in jail, preaching to inmates and writing sermons, poems, essays and books. It was while a prisoner that he wrote his immortal The Pilgrim's Progress (1672). He was released and immediately resumed his ministry. During the last 16 years of his life, he was active as pastor, writer, helper, counselor, organizer, administrator, and pastor-in-chief to a multitude of churches and young ministers. Bunyan was a champion for the cause of religious liberty and freedom of conscience in spiritual matters. He died in 1688 after riding 40 miles in a driving rain on horseback to London to preach.

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Books by John Bunyan

84630: Pilgrim's Progress The Pilgrim's Progress
By John Bunyan

John Bunyan's classic work, The Pilgrim's Progress is so much more than a simple historical novel. Bunyan's plan for his readers is for them to travel through this book as an adventure through the Christian life--retold on paper and picture. The story of Christian and his companions has been a favorite for generations. John Bunyan's imaginative text brings out the same, practical, necessary lessons that everyone needs to know--both today and yesterday.

8764X: Grace Abounding To The Chief Of Sinners Grace Abounding To The Chief Of Sinners
By John Bunyan

In this powerful account, John Bunyan tells how he was changed from the most notorious rebel in his village to a great man of faith. Through his testimony, you will: be sure of salvation; experience God's grace that covers all sin; recognize God's voice and unchanging love; avoid the devil's traps; discover that the lost in sin can be saved by grace. Bunyan's struggle to gain admittance into the kingdom of God will give you the courage and power for your own journey. For the grace he received is available to everyone--even to the chief of sinners!

20857: How To Pray in the Spirit How To Pray in the Spirit
By John Bunyan

This devotional book will give you deeper insight and greater freedom of expression in your personal relationship with God.

1510906: Prayer Prayer
By John Bunyan

Two closely related works on prayer by John Bunyan are here brought together. In Praying in the Spirit, he defines what it means to pray with the spirit and with understanding and deals with difficulties in prayer. In The Throne of Grace, Bunyan explains how to approach God's throne in prayer and opens up the blessings God's people receive from the high priestly ministry of Jesus Christ.

3685418: Visions of Heaven and Hell Visions of Heaven and Hell
By John Bunyan

In Visions of Heaven and Hell, you will take a visionary pilgrimage to the glorious City of God and the wretched inferno of Satan. Through this classic, you will discover: Answers for those who say there is no God, power to bind the Enemy of your soul, ways to avoid the wrath to come, and where you will spend eternity. Don't live to regret your earthly choices. Find out how to equip yourself for spiritual warfare now so that you will one day enjoy the indescribable pleasures of heaven.

519148: The Jerusalem Sinner Saved:  or Good News for the  Vilest of Men The Jerusalem Sinner Saved
By John Bunyan

Published by Bunyan in the year of his death (1688), this book brings together the fruit of his thinking on the grace of forgiveness. With the warmth and fervency of spirit of a true evangelist, he beautifully unfolds the riches of God's grace and mercy to the greatest of sinners.

20287: The Holy War The Holy War
By John Bunyan

Don't miss this brilliant, allegorical epic from the author of Pilgrim's Progress. Born in 1628, Bunyan suffered persecution and imprisonment for his Christian beliefs. The fruit of his suffering was five timeless novels, including this colorful saga that sets forth biblical truth with "racy, inventive, often humorous" 17th-century flair. An enthralling, perceptive tale!

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