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The Epistle of James - As a leader of the Jerusalem church, James (most likely the brother of Jesus) wrote as pastor to instruct and encourage his dispersed people in the face of their difficulties. The recipients were Christians (2:1; 5:7-8) and most likely Jewish Christians, 1:1: "the twelve tribes scattered among the nations." The letter emphasizes vital Christianity, characterized by good deeds and a faith that works (genuine faith must and will be accompanied by a consistent life-style). It reveals familiarity with Jesus’ teachings preserved in the Sermon on the Mount.

MacArthur commentary on James

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Sermons on James (by chapter)

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Chapter 1

Greetings - 1:1
Trials and Temptations - 1:2-18
Listening and Doing - 1:19-27

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Chapter 2

Favoritism Forbidden - 2:1-13
Faith and Deeds - 2:14-26

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Chapter 3

Taming the Tongue - 3:1-12
Two Kinds of Wisdom - 3:13-18

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Chapter 4

Submit Yourselves to God - 4:1-12
Boasting About Tomorrow - 4:13-17

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Chapter 5

Warning to Rich Oppressors - 5:1-6
Patience in Suffering - 5:7-12
The Prayer of Faith - 5:13-20

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