James R. White

James R. White

James White has the great privilege of serving as an elder in the Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church. He is also the Director of Alpha and Omega Ministries, a Christian apologetics organization which he co-founded in 1983. He currently works as a Critical Consultant on the New American Standard Bible Update, is an adjunct professor teaching for Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary (having taught Systematic Theology, Christology, Apologetics, Greek and Hebrew), and also teaches for Columbia Evangelical Seminary.

James has earned an M.A. from Fuller Theological Seminary, and the Th.M/Th.D degree from Columbia Evangelical Seminary, a non-traditional seminary specializing in providing mentoring-based education. James is currently working on two youth books (one on creation, one on the Bible), and two books on the topic of Scripture—one on Bible translations, the other on the sufficiency of Scripture. He is also the host of the Thursday evening edition of The Voice of Sovereign Grace on WMCA Radio in New York City, and also hosts The Dividing Line, the radio ministry of Alpha and Omega Ministries on KPXQ, 960AM in Phoenix.

James is married to Kelli, and has two children, Joshua Daniel and Summer Marie.

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Books by James R. White

17259: The Forgotten Trinity The Forgotten Trinity
By James R. White

Even amidst today's emphasis on the reviving work of the Holy Spirit, the foundational doctrine of the Trinity is often neglected. White answers objections to this essential teaching and offers a balanced look at all three persons of the Trinity, to encourage a rediscovery of the heart of Christian belief and a deeper understanding of the Godhead.

22880: The God Who Justifies The God Who Justifies
By James R. White

Exactly how are we made right with God---just as if we'd never sinned? Noted theologian White provides an insightful, orthodox, and thorough examination of the fundamental Christian principle of justification, including its centrality to the gospel, why it is de-emphasized in the modern church, and an exegesis of the key Scripture passages on this theme.

220489: Scripture Alone Scripture Alone
By James R. White

White looks at the principle behind Luther's rallying cry: "Sola Scriptura." Why do we believe God's Word trumps religious tradition? White offers answers and argues that the biblical canon must remain "the sole infallible rule of faith for the church."

15752: The King James Only Controversy: Can You Trust The Modern Translations? The King James Only Controversy
By James R. White

It was the first Bible widely available to the English-speaking world and it has been trusted by Christians for generations. Now it's the center of an emotional debate where ''King James Only'' advocates charge that today's modern versions change vital doctrines. In this sober analysis, White refutes their claims, explaining the debate's basic concerns and the importance of textual criticism. Studying Scripture central to the controversy, he gives you a clearer understanding of this highly charged issue.

18190: The Roman Catholic Controversy The Roman Catholic Controversy
By James R. White

Is the theological rift between evangelicals and Catholics closing? White looks at Catholic beliefs about papal authority, church tradition, purgatory, Mary, and more, and contrasts them with clear explanations of the authority of Scripture and justification by faith alone. Discover why although Catholics and evangelicals share some common ground, crucial differences remain.

4220004: Grieving: Our Path Back to Peace Grieving
By James R. White

People in grief wonder if they will ever feel okay again. If your grief doesn't happen in a neat orderly manner, you can become discouraged. People who have experienced loss often have moments of joy and normalcy mixed with moments of sadness and anger. It's not a setback; it's part of an upward process of healing and when you allow your grief to be accompanied by hope in God, grieving can be your path back to peace.

25243: Same Sex Controversy Same Sex Controversy
By James R. White & Jeffrey D. Niell

In the guise of tolerance, Hollywood and modern culture have granted "alternative lifestyles" status to a behavior condemned by Scripture. In this book, the authors clarify and define the Bible's stand on homosexuality as they expand on key passages. Subjects include the basis of biblical morality, biblical teaching on marriage and sexuality, the new "homosexual apologist," and both Old and New Testament witnesses against homosexuality. They also provide information on how to lovingly and biblically reach out to those caught up in its grip.

737434: The Potter's Freedom: A Defense of the Reformation and a Rebuttal of Norman Geisler's Chosen But Free The Potter's Freedom
By James R. White

Geisler's Chosen but Free sparked a firestorm of controversy when he labeled Calvinism "theologically inconsistent, philosophically insufficient, and morally repugnant." White steps into the breach with his cogent response. His systematic refutation of Geisler's argument will help you understand what the Reformed faith really teaches about divine election and how Reformed thought conforms to the gospel.

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