J.I. Packer

J.I. Packer

J. I. Packer was born July 22, 1926, in Gloucestershire, England. He was educated at Oxford University (BA, 1948, MA and D.Phil., 1954). He began his career as an Anglican clergyman and served as assistant curate in Birmingham, England in 1952 then as a tutor at Tyndale Hall, Bristol, England, a librarian and later, warden, at Latimer House, Oxford, England. He returned to Tyndale Hall, as principal, in 1970; then associate principal at Trinity College, Bristol from 1971-79. Packer has been on the faculty at Regent College, Vancouver, British Columbia since 1979, and currently is Board of Governors Professor of Theology. He also serves as a contributing editor to Christianity Today. He was recently named by TIME magazine as among the 25 most influential evangelicals in America. Packer and his wife Kit, have three children, Naomi, Ruth, and Martin.

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Books by J.I. Packer

1650X: Knowing God: 20th Anniversary Edition Knowing God
By J.I. Packer

There's a difference between knowing God and knowing about God. When you truly know God, you have energy to serve him, boldness to share him, and contentment in him. A classic from J.I. Packer!

57944: Growing in Christ Growing in Christ
By J.I. Packer

You've met Christ, now take the next step of growing in him! Whether you want to study on your own or with a group, Packer will help you learn everything you need to know about God and developing a lasting faith. He explains the Lord's Prayer, Ten Commandments, Apostle's Creed, baptism, communion with the Lord, godly conduct, church relationships, and more.

065585: Keep in Step with the Spirit: Finding Fulness in Our Walk with God, 2nd edition Keep in Step with the Spirit
By J.I. Packer

J. I. Packer's Keep in Step with the Spirit focuses on the person and ministry of the Holy Spirit. Now in its second edition, this book is not merely a theological study, but a rousing call to encourage believers to implement the Spirit's directives in their lives. Packer explains how to get the Spirit in focus and how to map the Spirit's path in life. He restates the Christ-centeredness of the Spirit's ministry, reaffirms the biblical call to holiness, and even-handily assesses the charismatic movement.

78924: Life in the Spirit Life in the Spirit
By J.I. Packer

This is a 30 day devotional that focuses on the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. It is a poignant study of the very truths sought by Christians who want to deepen their knowledge of God with small, daily doses of solid insights and on-target applications of Scripture. Life in the Spirit offers a scripture verse for reading, a devotional reading, and an area of reflection for each day of the month.

42902: God's Plan for You God's Plan for You
By J.I. Packer

"Many today want Christianity to be like a hot tub: sensuous, relaxing. . . . But if there were no more to our Christianity than that, we should fall short of biblical God-centeredness . . . and advertise to the world nothing more than our own decadence." With trademark clarity and insight, Packer discusses pleasure, health, disappointment, holiness, and more.

48964: Celebrating the Saving Work of God: Collected Shorter Writings of J.I. Packer, Volume 1 Celebrating the Saving Work of God
By J.I. Packer

Drawing from many of Packer's notable shorter writings published over the past 30 years, this historic volume collects his theological insights, opinions, and reflections on Christ, the Trinity, and the Holy Spirit. Dr. Packer strongly defends these beliefs against contemporary challenges, addressing such issues as the atonement, justification, universalism, and the charismatic movement.

82216: Knowing Christianity Knowing Christianity
By J.I. Packer

While today's spiritual fads come and go, Packer points you to the enduring, unchanging truth of God. Beginning with the doctrines of the Trinity and the Bible, this classic work offers solid insights into prayer, the importance of fellowship, reality of an afterlife, and more. A rich overview of Christianity for new and mature believers.

736859: Knowing God's Purpose for Your Life: 365 Daily Inspirations for a Life of Purpose Knowing God's Purpose for Your Life
By J.I. Packer

Hungry to know God's plan for your life? Author and theologian Packer says that's a sign of spiritual health. Here he combines Scriptures, excerpts from his books, and practical applications for 365 devotions to help satisfy your search. Rediscover the joy of God's promises, reflect on His answers to prayer, and learn to pursue His will!

6804: Evangelism & Sovereignty of God Evangelism & Sovereignty of God
By J.I. Packer

If God is in control of everything, why should Christians evangelize? Does our focus on outreach imply a lack of faith in His sovereignty? In this concise classic, Packer defends two paradoxical truths---God's sovereignty and his command to "make disciples"---concluding that a correct understanding of divine power shouldn't prevent evangelism but encourage it.

833455: Praying: Finding Our Way Through Duty to Delight Praying
By J.I. Packer & Carolyn Nystrom

As Packer and Nystrom explain, Praying "is a heart-to-heart affair, in which two Christians who try to pray and wish they prayed better share thoughts about what they are doing ... Our aim is not just to clarify Christian understanding but to foster Christian living. In real praying, head, heart and hands go together." Not just teaching about prayer, Packer and Nystrom challenge and inspire by pointing to a clearer realization of God's reality and His character.

223066: Knowing and Doing the Will of God Knowing and Doing the Will of God
By J.I. Packer

"The desire to know God's guidance is a sign of spiritual health," says Packer. With that in mind, he expertly mixes Scripture, excerpts from his books, and a practical application for each of these meaty devotions. Rediscover the joy of God's promises, reflect on His answers to prayer, and learn to pursue His will!

832920: Knowing God Through the Year Knowing God Through the Year
By J.I. Packer & Carolyn Nystrom

Here is a one-year guide through one of our most treasured books: J.I. Packer's Knowing God. Each day you'll read a Scripture and a brief passage about the glory and joy of being in a relationship with God. An idea at the end of each day's reading will help you to respond to God in prayer and reflection.

44406: A Grief Sanctified: Through Sorrow to Eternal Hope A Grief Sanctified
By J.I. Packer

Pastor Richard Baxter tells the story of how he dealt with grief through the study of Scripture after the death of his wife at age forty-five. J. I. Packer has added his own astute reflections along with his edited version of this exquisite memoir that considers six of life's realities - love, faith, death, grief, hope, and patience. He guides you in comparing and contrasting the world's and the Bible's ideals on coping with these tides of life.

32396: One Faith: The Evangelical Consensus One Faith
By J.I. Packer & Thomas C. Oden

Is the evangelical church drifting away from the unity Christ desires as we fragment into ever-smaller divisions? Packer and Oden believe a significant theological consensus still holds us together. Here they examine 16 theological themes in light of over 75 key statements of faith---from the 1974 Lausanne Covenant to the Amsterdam Declaration of 2000.

39602: Concise Theology Concise Theology
By J.I. Packer

J. I. Packer offers 94 concise studies which are only a couple of pages long. This allows you to find the answers you need quickly, but at the same time, there are plenty of Scripture references on every page. You can go as deep as you wish at your own pace. In these chapters, Packer navigates through what he calls the "permanent essentials of Christianity." He expresses these essentials in such a way that you can both understand and appreciate the greatness of God. Discover for yourself how Christian theology is not just a system of beliefs, but a way of life.

43583: Faithfulness & Holiness: The Witness of J.C. Ryle Faithfulness & Holiness
By J.I. Packer

He came to faith the year Queen Victoria ascended the throne, yet his vivid and vigorous message remains as relevant today as ever. In the first half of this book, Packer surveys the life and work of the great English evangelical leader John Charles Ryle. A reprint of Ryle's 1877 classic, Holiness, completes the work.

342462: A Passion for Faithfulness A Passion for Faithfulness
By J.I. Packer

Is the Book of Nehemiah best understood as the memoirs of a leader par excellance---or as a spirited account of God's leading? From the author of Knowing God comes an insightful look at the dual themes of Nehemiah: how Nehemiah led the people and how God led Nehemiah---all for the glory of God's kingdom.

58193: A Quest for Godliness: Puritan Vision of the Christian Life A Quest for Godliness
By J.I. Packer

In A Quest for Godliness, Packer shares with his readers the rich world of Puritanism that has been so influential in his own life. He masterfully uncovers the hidden treasures of Puritan life and thought. With crystalline clarity he reveals the depth and breadth of Puritan spiritual life, contrasting it with the superficiality and deadness of modern Western Christianity. Drawing on a lifetime of study, Dr. Packer takes the reader on a survey of the lives and teachings of great Puritan leaders such as John Owen, Richard Baxter, and Jonathan Edwards.

24688: Puritan Papers: Vol. 3, 1963-1964 Puritan Papers: Vol. 3, 1963-1964
By J.I. Packer, editor

John Calvin, a beacon for the Puritans, is spotlighted in this volume of Puritan Papers, originally presented on the 400th anniversary of the Reformer's death. J.I. Packer writes on Calvin as "a servant of the Word," and O.R. Johnston on Calvin the man. Additional chapters treat Calvin's doctrine of God, his Institutes, and sixteenth-century Geneva. Other biographical chapters feature George Whitefield (by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones) and Charles Haddon Spurgeon (by D.M. Whyte). In addition, Packer writes on the Puritan approach to worship, Lain Murray on "things indifferent," and Lloyd-Jones on John Owen's view of schism.

24711: Puritan Papers:  Volumes 1-5, 1956-1969 Puritan Papers: Volumes 1-5, 1956-1969
By J.I. Packer, ed.

For nearly 30 years, J.I. Packer, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, and other evangelical scholars met to present studies on the rich heritage passed down by pillars of the faith such as John Bunyan, John Owen, and Joseph Alleine. Now more than 75 of their Puritan Papers are gathered into this 5-volume set. Treating subjects as varied as interpreting Scripture, worship, and spiritual gifts, this collection is a wonderful introduction to the Puritans.

1147: Fundamentalism and the Word of God Fundamentalism and the Word of God
By J.I. Packer

This book is offered as a constructive re-statement of evangelical principles in the light of the current 'Fundamentalism controversy.' Its aim is to fix the right approach to the Bible, to the intellectual tasks of faith, and to the present debate. The book asks, "What is fundamentalism, and how does it view authority, Scripture, faith, reason, and liberalism?"

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