Donald S. Whitney

Donald S Whitney

Donald S. Whitney is the associate professor of spiritual formation at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Missouri. He is the author of Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, Ten Questions to Diagnose Your Spiritual Health, and How Can I Be Sure I'm a Christian?. Don holds a doctor of ministry degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois. He lives in Kansas City with his wife, Caffy, and his daughter, Laurelen Christiana. Don's website is

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Books by Donald S. Whitney

30275: Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life
By Donald S. Whitney

Based on the rich heritage left by the early church fathers, Puritan writers, and Jesus Christ Himself, Whitney takes you through a carefully selected array of disciplines. By illustrating why the disciplines are important, showing how each one will help you grow in godliness, and offering practical suggestions for cultivating them on a long-term basis, Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life will provide you with a refreshing opportunity to embrace life's greatest pursuit, the pursuit of holiness, through a lifelong delight in the disciplines.

833453: Simplify Your Spiritual Life: Spiritual Disciplines for the Overwhelmed Simplify Your Spiritual Life
By Donald S. Whitney

If the weight of the world is hindering your walk with the Lord, maybe now it's the time to step back and evaluate. Life on earth was less hectic in Jesus' time. He faced incredible challenges and suffered agonizing trials, but there was simplicity in His relationship with His Father that we can emulate. And in that simplicity, we can realize our greatest fulfillment as believers. If your Bible study seems as tedious as filing your tax return and your prayer life as wearisome as trying to understand your phone bill, stop. Take a deep breath. Whitney will show you how rewarding the simple Christian life can be.

30961: 10 Questions to Diagnose Your Spiritual Health 10 Questions to Diagnose Your Spiritual Health
By Donald S. Whitney

The ten probing questions Whitney poses in this book will help you look beyond your spiritual activity to assess the true state of your spiritual health. His questions cut to the heart of the matter: Is your character becoming more like Christ's? Are you spiritually healthy, or just spiritually busy? Whitney will help you ask yourself the right questions for evaluating your growth in the areas that really matter.

97724: How Can I Be Sure I'm a Christian How Can I Be Sure I'm a Christian
By Donald S. Whitney

In this book Whitney explores the issue of assurance and outlines how Christians can experience a satisfying certainity of eternal life. If occasional doubts prevent you from fully experiencing the security and peace that Christ offers, you'll enjoy the clear assurances offered here. By countering a broad range of doubts with a clear, scriptural basis for confidence, Whitney provides encouragement for believers and gentle warnings to those who base their confidence in themselves rather than in God.

77461: Spiritual Disciplines Within the Church Spiritual Disciplines Within the Church
By Donald S. Whitney

In Spiritual Disciplines Within The Church, seminary professor, Don Whitney shows how the local church can build a sense of community and turn church people from passive attendees into active participants. Whitney looks at such frequently asked questions as: Why can't I get by on my own? Why Should I go to church? Why should I give of myself to the church? Why do I need to worship in church, couldn't I just worship in nature? Why does it matter whether I become a member of the church?

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