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52625X: Ultimate Issues Ultimate Issues
By R. C. Sproul

R. C. Sproul works through the tough issues facing young adults: The relative value of human and animal life, a standard for decisions about rightness, the origin and "purpose" of everything, and being acceptable to God. Ultimate Issues is a challenging resource for young adults in their late-teens and early twenties and their teachers, ministers, and counselors.

2609X: Choosing My Religion Choosing My Religion
By R.C. Sproul

What do you believe in? Whatever it is, that is your religion. Religion shapes your loves, ideals, behavior, and goals, but unless you've thought about it clearly, your religion may not be worth believing. Choosing My Religion will help readers in their late-teens and early twenties arrive at sound answers to life's big questions. Anyone who works with high school and college students will also find this to be an extraordinary resource.

12562: Running the Race: A Graduate's Guide to Life Running the Race
By R.C. Sproul

Respected theologian and best-selling author Sproul delivers a commencement address that truly inspires! He challenges graduates to consider how their faith and worldview contrast with others; dispels philosophies such as "If it feels good, it is good"; and answers common questions, including "Why should I trust the Bible?" and "Why do I need Jesus?"

916530: A Young Woman's Walk with God: Growing More Like Jesus A Young Woman's Walk with God
By Elizabeth George

Christian teens long to please God, but peer pressure, school activities, and physical changes make godly qualities such as patience, kindness, and self-control hard to develop. In A Young Woman's Walk with God, author Elizabeth George shows teens how to develop the fruits of the Spirit by living for God moment by moment in their daily activities.

241240: Thoughts for Young Men Thoughts for Young Men
By J.C. Ryle

Peer pressure, lust, idleness---there's nothing new about the struggles young men face. Filled with wise guidance and pithy advice, this book prepares and equips teens to resist temptation and grow strong in character. Penned by England's "last Puritan" in the late 19th century, Ryle's practical counsel rings as true today as ever.

0511411: The Relevance Of Creation The Relevance Of Creation
By Ken Ham

Presented by leading creation-evangelism speaker Ken Ham, this package offers Bible study groups and schools the basic Bible positions on the question of origins. Step-by-step, Ham shows Christians why humanism and evolution are poisoning our great country. High school - adult.

13406: Dinosaurs of Eden: A Biblical Journey Through Time Dinosaurs of Eden
By Ken Ham

Who were the dinosaurs? Are they mentioned in the Bible? How long ago did they live? What did they eat? Did they ever share the earth with mankind . . . and are any of these "terrible lizards" still living today? Ken Ham provides teen-friendly answers to these and other questions in his fascinating, lavishly illustrated resource.

46361: Money Matters for Teens, New Edition Money Matters for Teens
By Larry Burkett

They're on the brink of adulthood, but are your teens ready for financial independence? Burkett shares Bible-based wisdom on getting and keeping a job, how banks and creditors works, managing a savings/checking account, paying for college, knowing when to borrow, stewardship, and more.

63452: Money Matters Workbook for Teens--Ages 11 to 14 Money Matters Workbook for Teens--Ages 11 to 14
By Larry Burkett

Drawing from biblical principles, financial expert Burkett shows young people how to make the best use of their money. He explains how to manage bank accounts; plan for future purchases; when to borrow and when to give; and more. Includes samples of account registers, checks, and budgets; and lots of work space. Ages 11 to 14.

63460: Money Matters Workbook for Teens, Ages 15-18 Money Matters Workbook for Teens--Ages 15-18
By Larry Burkett

In Money Matters for Teens Workbook, teens will discover the secrets to wise money management including how to pay for cars and college. By utilizing the principles found in this book teens can learn to save for a prosperous future instead of paying off past debts. Ages 15 to 18.

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