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52934: Screwtape Letters Screwtape Letters
By C.S. Lewis

Wormwood, a demon apprentice, has been given his first earthly assignment---secure the damnation of a young man who's just become a Christian. He seeks the advice of an experienced devil---his uncle Screwtape. Their correspondence discloses the psychology of temptation from the other side. Invaluable insights on temptation, pride, the power of prayer, and the ultimate victory of faith over the forces evil.

42017: The Enemy Within: Straight Talk About the Power The Enemy Within
By Kris Lundgaard

Drawing from Indwelling Sin and The Mortification of Sin by Puritan John Owen, Lundgaard aims for the heart with a battle plan for radical spiritual transformation! His biblically sound principles on breaking the cycle of sin will help you live a victorious and fulfilling Christian life.

380047: A Fight to the Death: Taking Aim at Sin Within A Fight to the Death
By Wayne A. Mack & Joshua Mack

Wayne and Joshua Mack define sin as "any failure to conform to God's holy law. Therefore, we sin when we do, say, or think anything that God commands us not to. Likewise, we sin when we do not do, say, or think what God commands us to. They explain why sin is so serious, why God hates it so much, and how deceitful it is. Then they delve into killing sin in your life with practical steps and encouragement. They give a powerful warning to Christians about the dangers of prosperity in the western world. The Macks then provide hope that the areas of sin that we struggle with daily can be put to death.

3220822: The Fear Factor: What Satan Doesn't Want You to Know The Fear Factor
By Wayne Mack & Joshua Mack

Satan wants you blind, paralyzed, imprisoned, and---most of all---ignorant that Christ wants you free! In The Fear Factor, Wayne and Joshua Mack explain that, though "No Fear" sounds good, it's just a bumper-sticker slogan unless you start thinking like a child of God. Discover what the devil doesn't want you to know in this 14-part Bible study aimed at destroying the shackles that bind you.

00604: Greatest Fight in the World Greatest Fight in the World
By Charles Spurgeon

This book contains substance from Spurgeon's last conference. Without a doubt it was one of the most forceful utterances that the Prince of Preachers ever delivered, it was rapturously received by the vast assembly. The battle is not yet over. This book will be an encouragement to every modern warrior engaged in a crusade against error and sin...The Greatest Fight in the World.

271813: The Vanishing Conscience The Vanishing Conscience
By John MacArthur

In this challenging yet compelling book, John MacArthur encourages you to confront the culture's flight from moral responsibility. With sound biblical truth, this book shows how and why sin must be dealt with if you are to live in a way that pleases God. With clarity and insight, MacArthur provides you with solutions for attaining a personal holiness that can take you from living a life of blame and denial to one of peace and freedom.

44361X: Standing Strong: How to Resist the Enemy of Your Soul Standing Strong
By John MacArthur

In Standing Strong, MacArthur explores the origin of spiritual warfare, its present reality, and what our response should be. He thoughtfully examines what Scripture says about spiritual warfare, comparing God's Word to the beliefs, practices, and experiences of many involved in today's spiritual warfare movement.

521919: Future Grace Future Grace
By John Piper

John Piper helps readers discover the key to overcoming sin and living a life that honors God. Many men and women attempt to walk upright out of gratitude for what Christ did in the past, but Piper encourages believers to look ahead to the grace God provides for us on a day-to-day, moment-by-moment basis--putting faith into action by laying hold of God's promises for the challenges we face.

5520227: How to Overcome Evil How to Overcome Evil
By Jay Adams

Perhaps you are like so many-defected, dismal, and despairing. You have tried and failed. Or maybe you feel that you are barely holding your own in the battle with evil but without any sense of victory. Christian counselor Jay E. Adams reminds you in these pages that God hasn't changed. If He helped others - like the apostle Paul - He will help you. Take heart! God hasn't failed you. You too can overcome evil!

46572: Our Accountability To God Our Accountability To God
By Arthur W. Pink

Who is man before God? Do we truly understand the results of sin and our fallen nature, or the scope of God's forgiveness? Previously published as Gleanings in the Scripture, Pink's exhaustive study provides you with a deeper and clearer understanding of the Almighty's amazing love toward us.

080720: How People Change How People Change
By Paul Tripp & Timothy Lane

A changed heart is the bright promise of the gospel. When the Bible talks about the gift of a new heart, it doesn't mean a heart that is immediately perfected, but a heart that is capable of being changed. Jesus' work on the cross targets our hearts - our core desires and motivations - and when our hearts change, our behavior changes. It's amazing to watch people who once seemed stuck in a pattern of words, choices, and behaviors start living in a new way as Christ changes their hearts.

1511260: Temptation and Sin: Works of John Owen- Volume VI Temptation and Sin
By John Owen

John Owen was essentially a pastoral theologian, and in his best writings his pastoral concern and acute doctrinal instinct are inseparable. Even at his most polemical his motivation is always the defence of the flock of God from the onslaught of false doctrine. In the four works contained in this volume we have Owen at his very best.

46492: Overcoming Sin and Temptation Overcoming Sin and Temptation
By John Owen & edited by Kelly Kapic & Justin Taylor

The writings of John Owen are a challenge to any reader, to say the least. His intricacy and complexity are intimidating and his language is downright befuddling at times. However, the depth of thought and the immense value of Owen's works cannot be quantified. His three classic works on sin and temptation are profoundly helpful to any believer who seeks to become more like Jesus Christ. In this volume, the editors have made updates to the language, translated the Latin, Greek, and Hebrew and footnoted difficult or unknown phrases, all without sacrificing any of the wonderful content of Owen's work. It is a uniquely accessible edition of John Owen's previously daunting work.

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