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65044: The Supremacy of God in Preaching, rev. ed. The Supremacy of God in Preaching
By John Piper

Countless books teach the craft of preaching, but not many discuss its fundamental requirement: the piety of the preacher. In this newly revised classic, Piper focuses on Jonathan Edwards and Charles Spurgeon as prime examples, noting how their spirituality enabled them to speak the truth with joy and to appeal earnestly for a response.

26205: Brothers, We Are Not Professionals: A Plea to Pastors for Radical Ministry Brothers, We Are Not Professionals
By John Piper

Should a church be run like a business? Piper says no. In this provocative critique, he takes aim at the widely held managerial/therapeutic model of ministry---warning that Christlike traits such as childlikeness, tenderheartedness, and dedication to prayer clash with the secular "professionalism" we mistakenly seek to emulate. Sure to spark lively debate!

0510716: Shepherding God's Flock Shepherding God's Flock
By Jay Adams

A handbook for pastors, a guidebook for church elders, and a textbook for students---all in one volume! Professor Adams outlines and provides direction for three primary responsibilities of shepherding: pastoral ministry, counseling, and leadership. Topics include candidating, premarital counseling, delegation and sharing, congregational meetings, and more. Incorporates end-of-chapter exercises for students and pastors.

51091: Preaching with Purpose Preaching with Purpose
By Jay Adams

After spending 25 years studying homiletics, Professor Adams shares his expert advice on delivering relevant, compelling, and effective sermons. Discover how to analyze your congregation, design a purposeful message based on your analysis, gather storytelling materials, assume the proper "preacher's stance," develop an engaging style, and more. Includes assignments for classes and individuals.

0511917: Handbook of Church Discipline Handbook of Church Discipline
By Jay Adams

This is a handbook for pastors, elders, and all Christians who want to see how Scripture presents the process of discipline that should operate in the Christian community. It was written in reponse to the various concerns that threaten to tear apart marriages, families, friendships, and congregations---concerns that call for a biblical approach to discipline that can heal fractures, restore right relationship, and ensure the health of the church. Developed around the five corrective steps found especially in Matthew 18: 15-17, this book helps church leaders deal with the sorts of problems that require the church's disciplinary response. Charting a course that combines discernment with appropriate action, this simple, readable handbook can have a profound effect on the community of believers.

431194: On Being a Pastor: Understanding Our Calling and Work On Being a Pastor
By Derek Prime & Alistair Begg

As a pastor, you shoulder unique responsibilities. While you care for God's people, you must also nurture your own spiritual life---or everybody loses! In this insightful guide, Prime and Begg offer advice on the spiritual and practical aspects of ministry, including prayer, devotional habits, preaching, and specific pastoral duties. Foreword by Dr. Al Mohler.

47308: Preaching the Whole Bible as Christian Scripture: The Application of Biblical Theology to Expository Preaching Preaching the Whole Bible as Christian Scripture
By Graeme Goldsworthy

Here's help for pastors, teachers, students, or anybody who struggles to preach meaningfully from the Old Testament. Goldsworthy's practical handbook draws out Christ-centered themes from various types of biblical literature; highlights their individual strengths for expository preaching; and demonstrates how to apply them effectively in sermons that focus on the person and work of Jesus.

10573: Preaching & Preachers Preaching & Preachers
By Martyn Lloyd-Jones

A classic from one of the most dynamic preachers of this century! Originally delivered as a series of lectures, Lloyd-Jones's essays capture the essence of powerful preaching. His insights on the shape and preparation of the sermon, the preacher's relationship to the congregation, and more will give you much to ponder as you write your next sermon.

0618742: Spiritual Care Spiritual Care
By Dietrich Bonhoeffer

In Bonhoeffer's book he provides a theological base for pastoral theology, but he offers advice on many familiar ministerial tasks, such as conducting baptisms, funerals and weddings. It is a mine of wisdom and detailed practical advice on how to exercise spiritual care.

46317: Nine Marks of a Healthy Church, Expanded Edition Nine Marks of a Healthy Church
By Mark Dever

Some churches are thriving, while others are barely surviving. What distinguishes a healthy community from one that's ailing? In this expanded edition of his classic study, Dever identifies nine marks that set a vigorous, biblical congregation apart, including expository preaching, biblical theology, concern for discipleship and growth, biblical church leadership, and more.

47389: The Deliberate Church: Building Your Ministry on the Gospel The Deliberate Church
By Mark Dever & Paul Alexander

Pastors Mark Dever and Paul Alexander provide a model of a biblical church in this resource for pastors, elders, and others interested in the vitality of their church. This highly practical book proposes an attitude of complete reliance on and submission to the Gospel in building a healthy church.

78417: The Master's Plan for the Church The Master's Plan for the Church
By John MacArthur

Good leaders make successful churches. But what makes a good leader? Drawing on New Testament principles and patterns, MacArthur details the essential qualities and attitudes of true biblical leadership. He focuses especially on leaders as humble shepherds and hard-working servants---not as slick celebrities and power-hungry CEOs.

88389: The Book on Leadership The Book on Leadership
By John MacArthur

In The Book on Leadership author, pastor, and teacher John MacArthur bases his writing on one of the most effective spiritual leaders of all time - the apostle Paul. He focuses in on 26 characteristics that make a true leader. Whether you're a leader in the business world, a parent, teacher, church leader, or student, the life of Paul will propel you forward in your capacity for leadership.


41240: Preaching for God's Glory Preaching for God's Glory
By Alistair Begg

Recognizing the need for a returm to biblical preaching, Alistair Begg has written this compelling booklet. In it he not only defines biblical preaching but tells how to accomplish it, explains its distictives, and demonstrated its importance in the life of a church. Every Christian--pastor or not--is responsible to study the Scriptures and to learn to handle the Word correctly.

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