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1516068: Letters of Charles Haddon Spurgeon Letters of Charles Haddon Spurgeon
By Iain H. Murray

In this collection of Spurgeon's letters the private man is made public in a way that confirms the reality of his Christian profession and proclamation. Here we see him as always purposeful and earnest, yet warmly human; deeply sensitive and spiritual, yet remaining child-like and humorous.

924177: Lectures to My Students Lectures to My Students
By C.H. Spurgeon

Pulpit and parish pedagogy from the "Prince of Preachers." Featuring such gems as "The Minister's Fainting Fits"; "Posture, Action, Gesture, etc."; and "On the Choice of a Text," this unabridged edition of Spurgeon's classroom discourses overflows with practical insights concerning every aspect of ministry---from the call to guidelines for conduct outside the church.

1513239: Letters of John Calvin Letters of John Calvin
By John Calvin

John Calvin wrote to kings and princes, Reformers and friends, nobility and common people alike. His letters reveal a man of deep pastoral concern, consistent and exemplary evangelistic zeal, with a humble sense of the final authority of God and His Word.

318345: The Latin Letters of C.S. Lewis The Latin Letters of C.S. Lewis
By C.S. Lewis

More than any other of his published works, this book shows the strong devotional side of Lewis, and contains letters ranging from Christian unity and modern European history to liturical worship and general ethical behavior. Moreover, these letters are often intimate and personal.

1428X: Letters to An American Lady Letters to An American Lady
By C.S. Lewis

In 1950, C.S. Lewis began a correspondence with an American lady he would never meet. Thirteen years later, his life - and letters - came to an end. These letters reveal facets of Lewis's character little known even to devoted readers of his fantasy and scholarly writings. Here is Lewis the man - generous, wise, compassionate, remarkably human. And, most significantly, here is Lewis the devoted Christian - patiently offering encouragement and guidance to another Christian through the day-to-day joys and sorrows of ordinary life.

6742: D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones: Letters 1919-1981 D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones: Letters 1919-1981
By Martyn Lloyd-Jones

This book tells the story of Dr. David Martyn Lloyd-Jones pilgrimage from within, in over one hundred of his personal letters, we encounter Jones first hand. Although he thought of himself as a 'poor correspondent', these letters tell a different story, displaying the tender force-fulness of a personality which left an indelible impression on those who knew him personally.

1076735: Letters along the Way Letters along the Way
By D.A. Carson

For anyone who likes to read other people's mail, here is an intriguing batch of letters from a "senior saint to a junior saint." The new believer will find invaluable help in taking those early steps of faith. Others will find a wealth of information on topics such as apologetics, science and faith, inerrancy, heart versus head faith, prayer, the changing face of evangelicalism, and trends emerging in American culture---all from a unique personal perspective.

38273: Letters & Papers from Prison Letters & Papers from Prison
By Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Bonhoeffer's letters show his daily concerns and the enormous warmth and humanity of the young German pastor who was executed by the Nazis in 1945 for his part in the "officers' plot." References to Bonhoeffer's fiancee and their plans for marriage, omitted in earlier editions, are now included as is her recent article containing excerpts from his personal letters. Letters from Bonhoeffer's parents, brothers, sisters, and other relatives have been added. The book also contains hitherto inaccessible letters and legal papers referring to Bonhoeffer's trial, a reminiscence of Karl-Friedrich Bonhoeffer of the time spent in prison by members of his family, and a new introduction by Dietrich Bonhoeffer's close friend Eberhard Bethge.

34801: Who is Christ for Us? Who is Christ for Us?
By Dietrich Bonhoeffer

In the summer of 1933, Dietrich Bonhoeffer delivered powerful lectures that insisted Christians encounter Jesus Christ as a living person today, as well as in history and church life. Formulated in the face of the new Nazi regime, a decisive moment in Bonhoeffer's own commitment to the Confessing Church, his words drew attention to the living Christ as always the humiliated "man for others," the lodestar of Christian commitment and service.

83164: Conspiracy and Imprisonment, 1940-1945: Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works Conspiracy and Imprisonment, 1940-1945
By Dietrich Bonhoeffer, edited by Lisa E. Dahill

Bonhoeffer's letters from prison represent his final theological legacy. They contain such well-known but difficult-to-pin-down phrases as "religionless Christianity" and "god of the gaps." Now we have the definitive translation of these important works, along with additional never before published material.

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