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5849X: Faith Alone: The Evangelical Doctrine of Justification Faith Alone
By R.C. Sproul

Concerned that evangelicals seem uncertain about salvation, Sproul offers this clarifying work. He dissects the doctrine for today's Christians and explains why "justification is by faith, through grace, alone." His response to the recent affirmation, "Evangelicals and Roman Catholics together," draws the limits of interchurch dialogue while recognizing mutual goals. A thought-provoking book.

70791: Justification of God Justification of God
By John Piper

The Justification Of God is a compelling exposition of Romans 9:1-23. Piper incorporates exegetical study as discusses the texts presentation of God's sovereignty from a Calvinist standpoint.

22880: The God Who Justifies The God Who Justifies
By James R. White

Exactly how are we made right with God---just as if we'd never sinned? Noted theologian White provides an insightful, orthodox, and thorough examination of the fundamental Christian principle of justification, including its centrality to the gospel, why it is de-emphasized in the modern church, and an exegesis of the key Scripture passages on this theme.

581070: Justification by Faith Alone Justification by Faith Alone
By Jonathan Edwards

Justification by Faith Alone was retypeset from the 1838 Hickman edition of The Works of Jonathan Edwards. This edition, in which spelling, grammar, and formatting changes have been made, is edited by Rev. Don Kistler.


40788: Justified by Faith Alone Justified by Faith Alone
By R.C. Sproul

In this booklet R.C. Sproul examines what justification is according to God's Word, compares the Roman Catholic and evangelical stances on this core doctrine, and discusses the relationship of faith and works- all to show why "by faith alone" is so essential.

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