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348452: What Jesus Demands from the World What Jesus Demands from the World
By John Piper

In What Jesus Demands from the World, Piper has gathered fifty of Jesus' demands from the four Gospels. Blending historical context, exegetical insights, and application, Piper concisely examines each demand. The result is an accessible introduction for seekers and new believers as well as meditative meat for mature Christians wanting to know Jesus better!

46239: Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ
By John Piper

If you want to know Jesus you do not need to go to seminary or embark on a tour of the Holy Land. All you need to do is to read the gospels with an open heart. In Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ Pastor Piper will help you explore Jesus' deity, power and wisdom. Once you have "Seen" Jesus for who He is and have "Savored" His beauty, goodness and truth, you cannot help but be changed.

500377: The Unexpected Jesus: His True Purpose revealed in his Biblical names The Unexpected Jesus
By R.C. Sproul

In The Unexpected Jesus, R.C. Sproul examines Jesus' true purpose revealed in His biblical names. Sproul seeks to enlighten us by investigating what the names of Jesus actually mean. The first section of this book deals with who is Jesus and the second part deals with what the Bible says Jesus did and some of the ways we have benefited from His actions.

27035: The Glory of Christ The Glory of Christ
By R.C. Sproul

You cannot encounter the glory of God and remain unmoved or unchanged---so prepare to have your soul lifted! In this intriguing study, Sproul examines those moments when Christ's glory burst forth and touched those around him: shepherds in the field, wedding guests in Cana, Saul on the Damascus road, and others.

30546: The Only Way to Happiness: The Beatitudes The Only Way to Happiness
By John MacArthur

A study in the Beatitudes, John MacArthur describes the eminent importance of the one word Blessed. He shows you how it can transform your attitude towards happiness-perhaps even redefine it. It happens when you deepen your commitment to the One who knows exactly what you need.

2401635: Parables of Jesus Parables of Jesus
By James Montgomery Boice

The Seed and the Soil, the Rich Fool, the Lost Sheep . . . Boice observes that these and others of Jesus' stories "break through mere words"---pushing us to make real changes in our lives. In this compelling commentary, he closely examines Christ's parables of the kingdom, salvation, wisdom and folly, the Christian life, and judgment.

6531X: Jesus' Sermon on the Mount: And His Confrontation with the World Jesus' Sermon on the Mount
By D.A. Carson

D.A. Carson blends solid scholarship, fine writing, careful exposition, and consistent respect for the authority of Jesus' words to create a thought-provoking exploration of Matthew 5-10. Two helpful appendices summarize differing critical and theological interpretations of Jesus' teachings.

1515193: Sermon on the Mount: Kingdom Life in a Fallen World Sermon on the Mount
By Sinclair Ferguson

"It is not a sermon about an ideal life in an ideal world," writes Ferguson, "but about the kingdom life in a fallen world." It answers some of the most pressing questions that every Christian encounters, including: What is a Christian? Does the Law of God still have a place in the Christian life? How can I learn to pray? How can I learn self-discipline? Why am I a prisoner to anxiety? The Sermon on the Mount deals with these issues in a crisp, concise and readable way and provides an ideal introduction to Jesus' great manifesto for kingdom life.

0036: Studies in the Sermon on the Mount Studies in the Sermon on the Mount
By Martyn Lloyd-Jones

A detailed and comprehensive study that explains Christ's teaching in the Sermon on the Mount and incisively applies it to the Christian life. Dr. Lloyd-Jones presents a brilliant and detailed exposition of one of the best known but most frequently misunderstood passages of Scripture (a study of our Lord's words as recorded in Matthew chapter five). This beautiful portion of the Sermon on the Mount is carefully analysed, its contents outlined and thoughtfully arranged, and vastly rich and abundant truths are gleaned for your spiritual nurture.

8997: Authority Authority
By Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Dr. Lloyd-Jones expounds the divine authority of Christ, of his Word, and of his Spirit.

8998: The Beatitudes Puritan Vision of the Christian Life The Beatitudes
By Thomas Watson

The Beatitudes were a favorite topic of the Puritans---they show to best advantage a preacher's gifts for sound doctrine, practical wisdom, and heart-searching application. Thomas Watson combines all of those traits in a terse, vigorous style with plenty of illustrations from everyday life. His thoughts are still fresh and instructive, three hundred years later.

7121: Christ the Center Christ the Center
By Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Christ the Center reveals Bonhoeffer's deep, firm roots in Christian doctrine, and it relates that doctrine to twentieth-century decisions every Christian must face. This study is an important addition to Christological thought and a clear guide to how we are to believe and act in the uncertainty of the times.

24749: Glory of Christ: A Puritan's View on the Beauty of the Saviour Glory of Christ
By John Owen

A Puritan's view on the beauty of the Savior. To see the glory of Christ is one of the greatest privileges that a Christian can enjoy. Anyone who does not see His glory in this world, will not see His glory in heaven, and no one should look for anything in heaven that he has not experienced in this life. In His immense essence, the infinite God is invisible to our finite human eyes, and will remain so for eternity. Only "in the face of Jesus Christ" can we see God and be filled with peace and rest.

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