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79422: Heaven Heaven
By Randy Alcorn

In Heaven, Randy Alcorn provides us with a thoroughly researched and biblically definitive description of heaven. As Alcorn addresses our most serious questions about heaven, including the nature of judgment, and answers a few of our less serious questions as well, including the accessibility of cafe mochas and the sweet by and by, we will develop a deeper understanding of our eternal destination and will find the courage to strive for heaven while were living on earth.

309760: 50 Days of Heaven: Reflections That Bring Eternity to Light 50 Days of Heaven
By Randy Alcorn

As believers, we strive to follow Christ until our earthly days are over . . . and then what? Alcorn offers a glimpse of the glory that awaits us when we step into eternity! Featuring excerpts from his best-selling book Heaven, Scripture-based meditations reveal what life will be like when we see God face to face.

40346X: Glory of Heaven: The Truth About Heaven, Angels and Eternal Life Glory of Heaven
By John MacArthur

Speculation about angels, near-death experiences, and the afterlife abound in our contemporary society. But what is the real truth about heaven and eternal life? Taking you on a journey through Scripture, MacArthur dispels secular myth and offers you a biblical glimpse of your heavenly home.

29969: If I Should Die Before I Wake: What's Beyond this Life If I Should Die Before I Wake
By K. Scott Oliphint & Sinclair Ferguson

Facing death enables us to face life. In this contemporary classic Scott and Sinclair discuss why no one really dies of 'natural causes' gives true/false answers to the reasons people think will get them to heaven, explains what the Bible has to say about the future, what heaven is like and how to be ready for death.

652950: Great Divorce The Great Divorce
By C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis takes us on a profound journey through both heaven and hell in this engaging allegorical tale. Using his extraordinary descriptive powers, Lewis introduces us to supernatural beings who will change the way we think about good and evil. In The Great Divorce C.S. Lewis again employs his formidable talent for fable and allegory. The writer, in a dream, finds himself in a bus which travels between Hell and Heaven. This is the starting point for an extraordinary meditation upon good and evil which takes issue with William Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell.

3685418: Visions of Heaven and Hell Visions of Heaven and Hell
By John Bunyan

In Visions of Heaven and Hell, you will take a visionary pilgrimage to the glorious City of God and the wretched inferno of Satan. Through this classic, you will discover: Answers for those who say there is no God, power to bind the Enemy of your soul, ways to avoid the wrath to come, and where you will spend eternity. Don't live to regret your earthly choices. Find out how to equip yourself for spiritual warfare now so that you will one day enjoy the indescribable pleasures of heaven.

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