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17259: The Forgotten Trinity The Forgotten Trinity
By James R. White

Even amidst today's emphasis on the reviving work of the Holy Spirit, the foundational doctrine of the Trinity is often neglected. White answers objections to this essential teaching and offers a balanced look at all three persons of the Trinity, to encourage a rediscovery of the heart of Christian belief and a deeper understanding of the Godhead.

39655: The Holiness of God The Holiness of God
By R.C. Sproul

Sproul takes you on a journey into the awesome presence of God, and helps you wrestle with the tension that exists between God's terrifying holiness and his inexplicable grace. This edition includes two new chapters and challenging end-of-chapter study questions.

27094: The Invisible Hand: Do All Things Really Work for Good? The Invisible Hand
By R.C. Sproul

In a world steeped in anguish and evil, how can God be in control? Do all things really work for good? With head-on honesty and biblical insight, Sproul examines the difficult doctrine of divine providence. Discover how your Lord lovingly guides the events of your life without creating human wickedness or destroying human freedom.

733981: Character of God Character of God
By R.C. Sproul

When R.C. Sproul was a young man, his father died, and this event caused him to ask "Who are you, God? And why do you do the things you do?" Sproul's search for ultimate truth led him to a personal encounter with the living God. In The Character of God, this brilliant theologian illuminates, illustrates, and inspires readers to discover for themselves the magnificence of God's character and being, His power and personality.

50241: Pleasing God Pleasing God
By R.C. Sproul

A world of people have no idea nor care about what the words sanctification and righteousness mean. Then how can the idea of a holy God mean anything to them? R. C. Sproul believes these words are still important-- especially for Christians--if we are to understand God or know how to live for him. Believers may become uncomfortable when they see Dr. Sproul's honest look at how the sins of pride, slothfulness, and dishonesty permeate the Christian's life. But Pleasing God is basically a message of hope. Sproul points out the failures, but he also points to the way out of spiritual lethargy and lackadaisical living.

227000: The King Without a Shadow The King Without a Shadow
By R.C. Sproul

"Why do we have shadows? Where do they come from?" The little boy asked the Great King. That started the king wondering about shadows. Could he, the king, escape his shadow? Even his wise men couldn't tell him how to escape his shadow. There was only one king without a shadow - one so great there was no darkness in Him...Come learn with the king and the little boy about the King without a shadow....and you'll learn about God's awesome holiness.

42748: The God Who Loves The God Who Loves
By John MacArthur

"For God so loved the world . . ." What does that mean for us today? MacArthur considers this, not from an emotional perspective, but from a scriptural viewpoint. Meet a heavenly Father who never winks at our transgressions, but who's full of grace and forgiveness. Experience firsthand the true biblical love of our Lord.

476740X: Found, God's Will: Find the Direction & Purpose God  Wants for Your Life Found, God's Will
By John MacArthur

Many Christians struggle with the question, "What is God's will for my life?" Well-known Bible teacher John MacArthur answers this question in this short book. Drawing from Scripture, MacArthur discusses six principles that illuminate God's will in the life of every believer.

47456: God's Passion for His Glory, Softcover God's Passion for His Glory
By John Piper

Piper passionately demonstrates the relevance of Jonathan Edwards's ideals for the personal and public lives of Christians today through his own book-length introduction to Edwards's The End for Which God Created the World. This book also contains the complete essay supplemented by almost a hundred of Piper's insightful explanatory notes. The result is a powerful and persuasive presentation of the things that matter most in the Christian life.

47513: God is the Gospel: Meditations on God's Love as the Gift of Himself God is the Gospel
By John Piper

When you ponder what it means to be loved by God, are your thoughts God-centered or self-centered? Piper reveals that the most loving thing about God is not His making much of us, but His enabling us to make much of him. Paradigm-challenging reflections on the gospel message!

21197: Desiring God, Revised & Expanded Desiring God
By John Piper

Desiring God reveals how delighting in God can motivate us to glorify Him through worship, stewardship, loving our neighbor, rejoicing in suffering, and other "duties." John Piper reveals that the debate between duty and delight doesn't truly exist: Delight is our duty. Discover how to lay a biblical foundation for a life of celebration by truly desiring the Lord.

36652: The Pleasures Of God The Pleasures Of God
By John Piper

Here's your chance to be among the thousands of believers who are more passionate about God than ever before---because they've discovered what God is passionate about. As Piper reveals the reasons for the Lord's abundant joy, he draws you ever closer to God's self-replenishing, all-encompassing grace.

67723: The Attributes of God, repackaged edition The Attributes of God
By Arthur W. Pink

A classic bestseller built on a timeless premise: Failure to understand God's character leads to a skewed perception of the Divine---one that is too often cast in our own image. Seeking to remedy this, Pink outlines 17 key characteristics of the Almighty, including his sovereignty, immutability, patience, love, and faithfulness.

70163: The Sovereignty of God The Sovereignty of God
By Arthur W. Pink

Who controls this world? God or the Devil? Pink asks this in this introductory study of the sovereignty of God. To relieve the panic-stricken believer Pink's answer encourages us to '' Fear not! . . . all things are working together for good to them that love God . . . '' Quoting freely from Scripture he searches the Scriptures and tackles the profoundest questions, responding in language written for the ease and interest of any layperson.

65714: The Nature of God The Nature of God
By Arthur W. Pink

He has the power to destroy those who violate His order, yet He sent His Son to suffer and die for us instead. Who can understand this great God? Scholar and teacher Pink helps increase your understanding by exploring the essence, awe, and glory of our loving heavenly Father. Previously published as Gleanings in the Godhead.

65730: The Ability of God The Ability of God
By Arthur W. Pink

This is a book rich in wisdom and guidance, from the pen of a man who long walked with God and who himself understood much about prayer. The fruits of his study yield a grasp of Paul's prayers that is both pastoral and scholarly-food for both mind and heart. Food for a deeper life of prayer, as well.

69865: The Knowledge of the Holy The Knowledge of the Holy
By A.W. Tozer

In straightforward and readable language, Tozer describes the attributes of God and shows how understanding them (''knowing the holy'') can help you grow in the Christian life. An excellent book for personal devotions.

60157: The Pursuit of God The Pursuit of God
By A.W. Tozer

In the muddle of day-to-day life, have you somehow forgotten that Christianity is a living, vibrant relationship with a personal God? In this classic bestseller and recipient of both the ECPA Gold and Platinum Book Awards, The Pursuit of God reminds and challenges you to renew your relationship with your loving God. In each of the 10 chapters, Tozer explains one aspect of hungering for God and ends with a prayer.

22634: The Doctrine of God The Doctrine of God
By John Frame

A masterful treatment of The Doctrine of God! Offering a cogent defense of the theology of lordship, John Frame provides fresh insight on transcendence and immanence, human responsibility and freedom, evil and God's agency, God and gender, theophany and incarnation, and other issues, all in light of the Trinity. His exhaustive analysis is sure to set a new standard in systematic theology.

96175: Trusting God Trusting God
By Jerry Bridges

Do you find it easy to trust God---until adversity strikes? When life clouds over, do you suddenly begin to suspect that you only imagined His care for you? Bridges uncovers three essential truths about God: he is completely sovereign; he is infinite in wisdom; and he is perfect in love. Building on these three rocks, Bridges shows how we can learn to trust God, even when we don't understand what He is doing.

420725: The Glory of God's Grace: The Meaning of God's Grace-And How It Can Change Your Life The Glory of God's Grace
By James Montgomery Boice

Boice's biblical foundation, strengthened by his many years as a pastor and illustrated with real-life stories, revive the amazing, awe-inspiring character of God's grace for a generation that seems to have lost the wonder of this immeasurable gift of God!

13344: Discovering Gods Will: Discovering God's Will
By Sinclair Ferguson

How do we discover the will of God for our lives? Sinclair Ferguson answers this question by showing how God's will is shaped by His ultimate purposes for us. It is made known to us through His Word. At times discovering God's will demands careful thought: it may require patience; it always demands a right attitude to God himself. Discovering God's Will draws out fundamental principles by which God guides us, applies them to practical situations like vocation and marriage, and underlines many important biblical counsels. It shows that the guidance God gives come primarily through knowing, loving and obeying him.

41263: The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God
By D.A. Carson

In doing away with trivialities and cliches, this work gets to the heart of this all-important doctrine from an unflinching evangelical perspective. Yet it does so without losing its personal emphasis: for in understanding more of the comprehensive nature of God's love as declared in His Word, you will come to understand God and His unending love for you more completely.

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