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53854: Strengthening Your Marriage Strengthening Your Marriage
By Wayne A. Mack

You married "for better or worse." Whichever term describes your marriage today, it can be better tomorrow. Mack's Bible-based approach to marriage offers practical insights on marital roles, child-rearing, finances and more. This encouraging book can be used as a study guide for husbands, and wives, or by pastors as a counseling tool.

80328: Sweethearts for a Lifetime: Making the Most of Your Marriage Sweethearts for a Lifetime
By Wayne A. Mack, Carol Mack & Joshua Mack

This biblical practical book will help couples restore warmth and vitality to their marriages. Written for both newlyweds and for those who have long been married, this will certainly become a classic for years to come.

20192: Preparing for Marriage God's Way Preparing for Marriage God's Way
By Dr. Wayne A. Mack

Designed to be used by individual couples or groups, Mack's marriage manual helps you discover your prospective spouse's unknown personality traits, cope with different backgrounds, resolve conflicts, deal with in-laws, understand God's role in a happy marriage.

527086: The Intimate Marriage: A Practical Guide to Building a Great Marriage The Intimate Marriage
By R.C. Sproul

R.C. Sproul offers this practical guide to help married couples-or those seeking to get married-develop the skills of marriage. Dilligently scriptural, Sproul shows how marriages can have an abundance of joy when grounded in the wisdom of God. Sproul walks through some of the toughest things couples struggle with today: communication, sex, roles, divorce, anger, and more. He shares what the Bible says about each, as well as lessons he has learned from his own marriage of forty years.

42827: Sacred Marriage: What if God Designed Marriage to Make Us Holy More Than to Make Us Happy Sacred Marriage
By Gary Thomas

Is happiness the ultimate goal of marriage, or is there a greater purpose? Thomas helps you understand the Lord's intention for matrimony-for husband and wife to reflect the character of Christ. See how God wants to use your marriage as a spiritual discipline to draw you closer to Him.

55953: Devotions for a Sacred Marriage Devotions for a Sacred Marriage
By Gary L. Thomas

Devotions for a Sacred Marriage will help you to explore how God can reveal Himself through your marriage and help you to grow closer to Him as well as to your spouse. From the process of two becoming one, to the sharing of our lives as Christian brothers and sisters Devotions for a Sacred Marriage will challenge couples to embrace the profound and soul-stretching reality of Christian marriage.

5520162: Christian Living in the Home Christian Living in the Home
By Jay Adams

Chistians will find Adams book, Christian Living in the Home full of practical, biblical advice on Christ-centered family living, communicating with family members, family guidance and discipline, living with an unbelieving spouse, and many other areas. Jay calls his readers to a careful understanding and application of scriptural principles.

262547: The Fulfilled Family: God's Design for Your Home The Fulfilled Family
By John MacArthur

It seems that with every click of the mouse, press of the remote, or turn of the page, traditional values are under assault. How can you convey godly principles to your children? Focusing on Ephesians 5 and 6, John MacArthur reveals the secrets of The Fulfilled Family. His wise insights on obedience to God's Word, commitment to the Christian life, and more will help you achieve God's design for your home.

60358: Your Family God's Way Your Family God's Way
By Wayne Mack

Wayne A. Mack offers biblical insight and practical wisdom into two crucial areas of family life: communication and conflict resolution. Alerting us to the pitfalls of faulty communication such as "undertalk," "overtalk," and poor listening. Firsthand success stories and highly practical application questions give hope and clear direction to all who wish to build stronger families God's way.

24984: Family Practice: God's Prescription for a Healthy Home Family Practice
By R.C. Sproul

R.C. Sproul sheds light on fatherhood by describing "our strong Father," on motherhood by depicting "holy mother church," and on childhood by pointing to the importance of offspring to Abraham. Elisabeth Elliot urges female readers to become Women of Titus Two. The editor, J.C. Sproul, Jr., introduces the idea of covenant families.

70060: Peacemaking For Families Peacemaking For Families
By Ken Sande with Tom Raabe

When Jesus said, "Blessed are the peacemakers," he wasn't just talking about Nobel Prize winners. Some of the most important conflict resolution happens at home. Discover Bible-based principles such as "the seven A's of forgiveness" that can change your home from a battle zone to a haven of loving tranquility.

42910: What's the Difference?: Manhood and Womanhood Defined According to the Bible What's the Difference?
By John Piper

The topic of manhood and womanhood is still strongly debated today and still greatly impacts our society. But what does the Bible teach about true manhood and womanhood? In what ways are men and women essentially the same? In what ways are they essentially different? And how do these differences affect our roles in the home, the church and the wider society? John Piper looks at these important questions in a positive, sensitive light. His conclusions encourage men and women to live out their unique differences in a fulfilling, godly way.

443679: Divine Design: God's Complementary Roles for Men and Women Divine Design
By John MacArthur

In his thorough, no-nonsense style, John MacArthur sets aside prevailing cultural standards and helps readers understand and apply the biblical principles for men's and women's roles. Readers will discover the beauty, balance, and benefits of God's unique role for them in this practical, well-researched tool.

83166: Men and Women, Equal Yet Different Men and Women, Equal Yet Different
By Alexander Strauch

Written for those who are unfamiliar with the biblical passages on gender and probably will not read a lengthy technical book on the subject, this book is especially suitable for high school and college-age young people. It is also an excellent resource for anyone who wants a quick overivew of all the key biblical passages relevant to the gender debate.

46047: War of Words: Getting to the Heart of Your Communication Struggles War of Words
By Paul David Tripp

Have you ever wondered how a "nice" person like you could be so misunderstood, even hurtful? Tripp gets right to the heart of our communication problems and shows how the gospel changes the way we understand and solve them. Learn to bless others with your speech and in so doing, be blessed yourself.

737566: Anger & Stress Management, God's Way Anger & Stress Management, God's Way
By Dr. Wayne Mack

What is the Biblical and God-Glorifying way to handle anger and stress? Dr. Wayne Mack, one of the most well-known and trusted Christian counselors of our time, tells you, not just how to handle anger, but the root causes of anger. By doing this, Dr. Mack helps you to better understand why your reactions to stress, and its accompanying anger, are usually the result of “not getting what we think we need.” He then goes on to explain how to restructure your thinking to make your reaction more Christ-like.


526756: Marriage: Whose Dream? Marriage: Whose Dream?
By Paul David Tripp

In this eye-opening booklet, Tripp shows how refocusing your dreams on God-centered priorities can invigorate both you and your marriage.

2687X: Domestic Abuse Domestic Abuse
By Paul David Tripp

How do you help the victim of domestic abuse? Does the perpetrator of the violence also need our help? Three counselors reveal ways to clearly communicate God's grace to the victims of violence and demonstrate how to minister with confidence and humility.

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