Christian Book Guide - Creation vs. Evolution

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1161X: The Answers Book The Answers Book
By K. Ham, J. Sarfati & C. Wieland, edited by Don Batten, Ph.D.

Three scientists answer the 20 most frequently asked questions about Genesis, creation, and evolution. Addresses questions such as "What happened to the dinosaurs?" "Who was Cain's wife?" "What about Carbon-14 dating?" and many more. Using excellent science and written in laypeople's terms, this is a helpful tool for witnessing, growing in your own faith, or just learning more about an ever-increasing debate.

345556: The Revised & Expanded Answers Book, Study Guide & Workbook The Answers Book, Study Guide & Workbook
By K. Ham, J. Sarfati & C. Wieland

The Answers Book companion study guide will bring even more depth to your reading; every chapter has questions that can be used for discussion and/or to "fill in the blank".

515099: The New Answer Book The New Answer Book
By Ken Ham

Expanded and updated! Respected scientists answer 28 crucial questions about Genesis and creation/evolution. Does radiometric dating prove an "old" Earth? Did dinosaurs "evolve" into birds? Can catastrophic plate tectonics explain flood geology? Does archaeology support the Bible? These issues and others are addressed from a solid scientific perspective and in laypeople's terms! Includes illustrations.

11586: The Lie: Evolution The Lie
By Ken Ham

Based on the foundational relevance of a literal Genesis, Ham's study will prepare your family to respond to common questions about evolution and creation, science and religion. You'll learn the importance of a Creator, why it took six days to form the universe, and the right beginnings for "whole" gospel evangelism.

345560: The Lie: Evolution, Study Guide & Workbook The Lie, Study Guide & Workbook
By Ken Ham

In this study guide designed for small groups and personal devotions, Ham takes you through each main idea of this eye-opening book, The Lie When used as a workbook, this study guide is a great discussion tool, which uses the time-tested method of filling in answers as you read, resulting in greater comprehension and retention.

13789: Why Won't They Listen:  The Power of Creation Evangelism Why Won't They Listen
By Ken Ham

The power of creation evangelism. In this truly bold book, Ken Ham presents an ambitious plan to fulfill the Great Commission. He deftly exposes the great flaws of Darwinism, and shows how compromise with this philosophy of death is killing the Church. By urging Christians to stand on the veracity of the Bible, Ham clears the jungle of tangled views of reality, and helps committed Christians see the path to effective evangelism.

345548: Why Won't They Listen? Study Guide & Workbook Why Won't They Listen? Study Guide & Workbook
By Ken Ham

Using this workbook/study guide, you can learn even more in depth how the world views the Christian message, how creationism factors into the equation, and practical steps to becoming a better witness for Christ. Every chapter has questions that can be used either for discussion and/or to "fill in the blank"; an answer key is included in the back.

345718: War of the Worldviews War of the Worldviews
By Ken Ham

There are two competing worldviews in America today; one is based upon the infallibility of God's word, and the other upon a humanistic view of mankind. As Christians, how are we to respond to the arguments for evolution? How do we explain to our children what their schools and universities are teaching isn't always reliable? Within these pages, you'll find the answers you need to fight the good fight; evolutionary arguments are dissected and explained, Christian 'compromise' positions elaborated upon, and a call for absolute biblical authority given.

0511411: The Relevance Of Creation The Relevance Of Creation
By Ken Ham

Presented by leading creation-evangelism speaker Ken Ham, this package offers Bible study groups and schools the basic Bible positions on the question of origins. Step-by-step, Ham shows Christians why humanism and evolution are poisoning our great country. High school - adult.

12825: The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved! A Biblical View of These Amazing Creatures The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved!
By Ken Ham

A rarely seen look at answering the questions associated with these "terrible lizards" from a creationist perspective. Ken Ham brings a "new way of thinking" to the table for Christians, emphasizing that in order to properly understand our world we must first look at Scripture. By going to the Bible first for answers, we begin to understand that the dinosaurs were alongside man from the beginning. Complete with stunning, computer-generated illustrations of dinosaurs, this book promises to be a mainstay of any family library.

13652: 101 Signs of Design: Timeless Truths from Genesis 101 Signs of Design
By Ken Ham

The quotes in this book, from one of the leading creationists of our time, point to the incredible design brought about by the God of the Bible. A handy resource, the book will boost your faith, prompt conversations, and give pause to a magnificently diverse world.

71597: The Battle for the Beginning The Battle for the Beginning
By John MacArthur

Our faith and the future of our world hang on the truth about creation. Dr. MacArthur insists that when naturalistic and atheistic presuppositions are being aggressively peddled as if they were established scientific fact, Bible-believing Christians "ought to expose such lies for what they are and oppose them vigorously." Do you know what you believe about creation? Could you defend your views to those who deny the Genesis account? The Battle for the Beginning tackles the tough issues of creation versus evolution by taking an in-depth look at Genesis 1 and comparing it to scientific evidence. In this book find answers to the challenging questions. Learn what the Bible says about how our universe began.

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