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88389: The Book on Leadership The Book on Leadership
By John MacArthur

In The Book on Leadership author, pastor, and teacher John MacArthur bases his writing on one of the most effective spiritual leaders of all time - the apostle Paul. He focuses in on 26 characteristics that make a true leader. Whether you're a leader in the business world, a parent, teacher, church leader, or student, the life of Paul will propel you forward in your capacity for leadership.

78417: The Master's Plan for the Church The Master's Plan for the Church
By John MacArthur

Good leaders make successful churches. But what makes a good leader? Drawing on New Testament principles and patterns, MacArthur details the essential qualities and attitudes of true biblical leadership. He focuses especially on leaders as humble shepherds and hard-working servants---not as slick celebrities and power-hungry CEOs.

77758: Biblical Eldership Biblical Eldership
By Alexander Strauch

In an age of professional ministers who seem to be influenced more by the experiences of successful C.E.O.s than by the biblical model of eldership, Strauch's work is remarkably important. Strauch thoroughly explores the biblical model for eldership and carefully explains how a renewed focus on eldership is an essential component of a revitalized church. Quite simply, Biblical Eldership will help you understand what the Bible has to say about Christian leadership.

77759: The New Testament Deacon The New Testament Deacon
By Alexander Strauch

A keen interest in the diaconate is sweeping through today's church. Who are the deacons, what do they do, and why are they important? Claiming that the modern church has a distorted understanding of the New Testament deacon, Strauch examines relevant Scripture to help you better understand God's design for this vital ministry.

083212: Leading with Love Leading with Love
By Alexander Strauch

Leading with Love provides church leaders and teachers a clear understanding of what the Bible teaches about love. This understanding is essential to you as an individual leader and to the church as a whole. It will significantly improve your relational skills, enhance your effectiveness in ministry, diminish senseless conflict and division, build a healthier church, and promote evangelism.

433312: Elders in Congregational Life: Discovering the Biblical Model for Church Leadership Elders in Congregational Life
By Phil A. Newton, Mark Dever

In this book, experienced pastor, Phil Newton, examines this biblical model of leadership by explaining the necessity of elder plurality and how it functions in a congregational setting. Newton presents the history of elder plurality in Baptist life from personal experience, expounds three biblical texts to shed light on the New Testament model for spiritual leaders, and provides answers to commonly asked questions.

47389: The Deliberate Church: Building Your Ministry on the Gospel The Deliberate Church
By Mark Dever & Paul Alexander

Pastors Mark Dever and Paul Alexander provide a model of a biblical church in this resource for pastors, elders, and others interested in the vitality of their church. This highly practical book proposes an attitude of complete reliance on and submission to the Gospel in building a healthy church.

0511917: Handbook of Church Discipline Handbook of Church Discipline
By Jay Adams

This is a handbook for pastors, elders, and all Christians who want to see how Scripture presents the process of discipline that should operate in the Christian community. It was written in reponse to the various concerns that threaten to tear apart marriages, families, friendships, and congregations---concerns that call for a biblical approach to discipline that can heal fractures, restore right relationship, and ensure the health of the church. Developed around the five corrective steps found especially in Matthew 18: 15-17, this book helps church leaders deal with the sorts of problems that require the church's disciplinary response. Charting a course that combines discernment with appropriate action, this simple, readable handbook can have a profound effect on the community of believers.

526071: Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands: People in Need of Change, Helping People in Need of Change Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands
By Paul David Tripp

Intruments in the Redeemer's Hands is a comprehensive treatment in the lives of others, people who themselves are in need of change. In many ways, we see church merely as an event we attend or an organization we belong to, rather than as a calling that shapes our entire life. Tripp explains how his work follows an "all of my people, all of the time model." If you followed the Lord for a thousand years, you would still need the ministry of the body of Christ as much as you did the day you first believed. This need will remain until our sanctification is complete in Glory.

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