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60006: Competent to Counsel Competent to Counsel
By Jay Adams

A classic from the dean of Christian counseling! Adams has helped thousands of pastors, laypeople, and professionals to implement a nouthetic, or Spirit-led, approach to counseling. Promoting use of biblically based discussion, he offers profound insight into the way sin affects human personality, and how confession and taking responsibility restore counselees to wholeness in Christ.

60138: The Christian Counselor's Manual The Christian Counselor's Manual
By Jay Adams

A companion and sequel volume to Competent to Counsel, this volume includes indexes, a detailed table of contents, and many diagrams and forms, all of which make this one of the best reference books for Christian counselors.

51161: The Christian Counselor's Casebook The Christian Counselor's Casebook
By Jay Adams

This companion volume to Competent to Counsel and The Christian Counselor's Manual is designed to help the user assimilate and apply the principles of nouthetic counseling. It is a great tool for all sorts of training and personal development programs, as well as the classroom.

5520707: Ready to Restore Ready to Restore
By Jay Adams

When somebody comes to you with a personal crisis, will you be qualified to help? Yes---with this non-technical counseling course for laypeople. You'll learn 25 basic principles of biblical counseling that will help you analyze the problem, formulate a plan, and implement Scripture-based solutions. For individual or group study.

60068: Marriage, Divorce, & Remarriage Marriage, Divorce, & Remarriage
By Jay Adams

This is the book that many pastors, counselors and theologians consider to be the most biblical and the most helpful on the issue of marriage and divorce. Adams examines the relevant passages in both the Old and New Testaments so that his readers can consider the many issues and interpretations that arise in trying to establish a consistently biblical position. As a result, you can see more clearly and accept more firmly the truth of Scripture.

01978: Solving Marriage Problems Solving Marriage Problems
By Jay Adams

This is a book to help counselors understand and deal with the typical problems that arise in a marriage. The approach is to offer not merely solutions but biblical solutions. Chapter by chapter, each problem that is brought into focus is addressed by Scripture, and a solution arising from Scripture is developed. Unless one understands what a biblical marriage is supposed to be, it is difficult to solve marriage problems. For that reason Dr. Adams spends the first few chapters developing a biblical model. Then he treats many of the specific kinds of problems that typically arise: life patterns, priorities, children, sex roles, in-laws, etc.

0511011: Theology of Christian Counseling Theology of Christian Counseling
By Jay Adams

Gain deeper insight into the rich theological framework that supports and directs a biblical approach to counseling. Maintaining that the Bible is the source book for Christian counselors, Adams's one-of-a-kind classic offers practical advice in applying the doctrines of God, man, salvation, sanctification, the church, and the future to help you guide people to wholeness and healing.

051181X: How to Help People Change: The Four-Step Biblical Process How to Help People Change
By Jay Adams

The Four-Step Biblical Process. If change is the essential goal of the counseling process, how can a Christian counselor facilitate that change and bring about an alteration of the heart? Jay Adams approach is based solely on Scripture and his book has much to say about the relationship between theology and psychology in the enterprise of Christian counseling.

1001560: Helps for Counselors: A mini-manual for Christian Counseling Helps for Counselors
By Jay Adams

Helps for Counselors is a quick reference guide of helpful hints and how-tos, covering all aspects of counseling from common problems to procedure.

64856: The Peacemaker: A Biblical Guide to Resolving Personal Conflict, Third Edition The Peacemaker
By Ken Sande

The experts agree: this is the best guide to conflict resolution and reconciliation you'll find. Biblically steeped and worldly wise, Sande's time-tested principles will help you transform bitter oppositions into valuable opportunities for growth. Breathe God's grace into hostile disputes in the church, workplace, or home---and receive the immeasurable blessing reserved for "the peacemakers."

5523560: Homework Manual for Biblical Living: Personal &  Interpersonal Problems Volume 1 A Homework Manual for Biblical Living, Volume 1
By Wayne Mack

Counselors needing specific assignments to give counselees, or individuals seeking practical helps for their own struggles will welcome Wayne Mack's homework manuals. This first volume deals with personal and interpersonal problems in over thirty categories such as anger, blameshifting, communication, dating, finances, obesity, pride, sex problems, sleep, suffering, thought patterns, and work. Dr Mack presents a wealth of scriptural information for solving problems in each area covered.

5523579: Homework Manual for Biblical Living: Family & Marital  Problems Volume 2 A Homework Manual for Biblical Living, Volume 2
By Wayne Mack

In this second volume Dr. Mack sheds biblical light on family and marital problems by offering individual and joint assignments for husbands and wives, and for parents and children on topics such as communication, developing common interests, marriage evaluation, child rearing, and family religion.

904576: A Christian Growth and Discipleship Manual: A Homework Manual for Biblical Living - Volume 3 A Homework Manual for Biblical Living, Volume 3
By Wayne A. Mack & Wayne Erick Johnston

A large collection of short Bible studies and inventories on a variety of subjects related to Christian living and discipleship. Workbook is designed to help people grow in their Christian lives and assist them in Finding God's solutions to various problems they encounter in life. Useful in personal discipleship, biblical counseling, parenting, Bible study groups, accountability and growth in marriage, and general spiritual growth.

904592: Out of the Blues: Dealing with the Blues of Depression & Loneliness Out of the Blues
By Wayne Mack

Out of the Blues addresses the issue of depression, a problem that nearly everyone faces at some time in their life. Using a distinctly biblical perspective, Mack defines what depression is and outlines causes and solutions to the blues caused by loneliness. Includes a Q and A section and additional notes written for counselors, making this a good resource for both those seeking help and offering help.

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