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1511562: The Forgotten Spurgeon The Forgotten Spurgeon
By Iain H. Murray

This book seeks to throw light on the reasons which have given rise to the superficial image of Spurgeon as a genial Victorian pulpiteer, a kind of grandfather of modern evangelicalism. Even before his death in 1892 newspapers and church leaders disputed over the features of his life which entitled him to fame. This book traces the main lines of Spurgeon's spiritual thought in connection with the three great controversies in his ministry.

9850: Jonathan Edwards: A New Biography Jonathan Edwards
By Iain H. Murray

This book gives us Murray's view of both the first and second great awakenings. Edwards was a mighty theologian and a great evangelist at the same time. No thinking person who loves theology and experience, revival and evangelism should pass over this masterful work.

8909: D.M. Lloyd-Jones: The First 40 Years, 1899-1939 Vol. 1 D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
By Iain H. Murray

This is the first of two volumes describing the life of the great British preacher and teacher Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899-1981). Under his leadership Westminster Chapel of London was established as the foremost evangelical pulpit in England. Volume one contains Lloyd-Jones' childhood years in Newcastle Emlyn (Wales) and school years, up to the time he began his ministry at Westminster Chapel (1938).

367597: John Bunyan: The Tinker of Bedford John Bunyan
By William Deal

Your whole family will be fascinated by the story of how John Bunyan was imprisoned for preaching the gospel and used his time in jail to write Pilgrim's Progress for his dying daughter.

26315: That Man of Granite with the Heart of a Child: J.C. Ryle That Man of Granite with the Heart of a Child: J.C. Ryle
By Eric Russell

J.C. Ryle's reputation as a pastor and leader grew until he was appointed the first Bishop of Liverpool, a post he held for 20 years. He was an author who is still in print today (he put aside royalties to pay his father's debts) and a man once described by his successor as "that man of granite with the heart of a child." He changed the face of the English church. Ryle stands as a colossus at the junction of two centures--a hundred years after his death he still stands as an example to church leaders today of how to combine leadership, a firm faith and compassion.

323404: C.S. Lewis: A Biography C.S. Lewis
By A.N. Wilson

One of the most learned scholars of his generation. A brilliant Christian apologist. The author of a children's fantasy-The Chronicles of Narnia-that has sold millions of copies. For his readers, C.S. Lewis was not only a storyteller of enduring power and enchantment but a wise friend and inspiring guide. Now A.N. Wilson brings to life the complext man behind the different facets that the world saw. Here too is the glittering Oxford circle known as the Inklings and the story of the crucial friendship (later shattered) with J.R.R. Tolkien.

28446: Dietrich Bonhoeffer: A Biography, Revised Dietrich Bonhoeffer
By Eberhard Bethge

Widely regarded as the definitive biography. Bethge, a close friend and relative of Bonhoeffer, also edited Ethics and Letters & Papers from Prison. Now the translation has been carefully revised by Barnett, who incorporates hundreds of corrections, as well as adds sections previously omitted.

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