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26963: According to Plan: The Unfolding Revelation of God in the Bible According to Plan
By Graeme Goldsworthy

Getting a grasp on the unity of the Bible, its central message from Genesis to Revelation, helps immensely in understanding the meaning of any one book or passage. That is the goal of this introductory text. How do the Old and New Testament fit together? What is the point of biblical theology? What is the overall story of the Bible? What difference does it make? This introductory text answers these questions with an integrated theology of both Old and New Testaments that avoids unnecessary technicalities. A useful tool for understanding how the Bible fits together as the unfolding story of God's plan for salvation.

2270362: The Goldsworthy Trilogy The Goldsworthy Trilogy
By Graeme Goldsworthy

This book offers a complete and comprehensive guide to understanding the Gospel throughout the whole of Scripture. Hugely popular, this collection containing Gospel & Kingdom, Gospel & Wisdom and The Gospel in Revelation is being released in this special format and will be an essential guide to be used again and again for those who seek to understand the Bible in the light of who Jesus is. Goldsworthy looks at how the Bible can only be understood through the eyes of the Gospel. This being the base of his interpretation, he studies the Old Testament and its application for today, Israel's wisdom literature and its role in the Christian life and the purpose and contemporary relevance of the book of Revelation, his knowledge of Old Testament idiom and structure enhance his writing. This trilogy follows the Bible chronologically to give the reader a complete overview of evangelical biblical interpretation forming an essential one-stop reference that will last a lifetime.

44607: What's in the Bible, Softcover What's in the Bible
By R.C. Sproul & Robert Wolgemuth

In this book, renowned theologian R.C. Sproul and Robert Wolgemuth highlight the essence of God’s voice, activity, and purpose throughout the Old and New Testaments. With broad strokes, they portray the grand, redemptive purpose of God revealed throughout the Bible. And they offer a unique overview of Scripture that will rejuvenate your own reading and study of the Bible with enthusiasm, insight, and understanding.

18443: A History of the Work of Redemption A History of the Work of Redemption
By Jonathan Edwards

Colonial America's greatest theologian discovered a vast and immovable foundation running beneath the horizon of history. Drawing from astonishing depths of learning, these 30 sermons review the panorama of human events to conclude that past, present, and future turn upon the fulcrum of Christ's work of redemption. A robust pronouncement of gospel triumph.

47163: The Message of the New Testament: Promises Kept The Message of the New Testament
By Mark Dever

The New Testament is the story of how all the promises made by God in the Old Testament were kept and what that means for us today. Mark Dever surveys the historical context, organization, and theology of each New Testament book, in light of God's Old Testament promises. His message is that of the New Testament itself, one of hope fulfilled.

47171: The Message of the Old Testament: Promises Made The Message of the Old Testament
By Mark Dever

The Old Testament is the story of God's promises to His people. Throughout its pages the reader can find promise after promise from God, all of which are fulfilled in the New Testament--in the incarnation of Jesus Christ. Mark Dever introduces readers to the Old Testament as a glorious whole so that they are able to see the big picture of the majesty of God and the wonder of His promises.

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