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0118: Surprised by Joy Surprised by Joy
By C.S. Lewis

In "Surprised By Joy", C.S. Lewis tells of his spiritual jouney that led him from the Christianity of his early youth into atheism and then back to Christianity. Lewis writes in the preface: "How far the story matters to anyone but myself depends on the degree to which others have experienced what I call 'joy'"

8764X: Grace Abounding To The Chief Of Sinners Grace Abounding To The Chief Of Sinners
By John Bunyan

In this powerful account, John Bunyan tells how he was changed from the most notorious rebel in his village to a great man of faith. Through his testimony, you will: be sure of salvation; experience God's grace that covers all sin; recognize God's voice and unchanging love; avoid the devil's traps; discover that the lost in sin can be saved by grace. Bunyan's struggle to gain admittance into the kingdom of God will give you the courage and power for your own journey. For the grace he received is available to everyone--even to the chief of sinners!

1510760: Charles Haddon Spurgeon  Autobiography: The Early  Years 1834-1860 Volume 1 Charles Haddon Spurgeon: The Early Years
By Charles Spurgeon

From the first years of childhood in rural Essex till that snow-swept Sunday in Colchester in 1850, and on to the first years of revival in London, Spurgeon pours out his story with an enthralling fullness and colour, yet all this is so done that we are everywhere drawn to the centre and passion of his life (1834-1860, Volume 1).

1511821: Charles Haddon Spurgeon -Autobiography: The Full  Harvest 1861-1892 Volume 2 Charles Haddon Spurgeon: The Full Harvest
By Charles Spurgeon

Spurgeon's last thirty years, from the building of the Metropolitan Tabernacle unitl his death in 1892, saw no fulfillment of the newspaper prophecy of his early days, "Up like a rocket, down like a stick." In fact, Spurgeon is still popular today for his works as a preacher as well as an author, editor of a monthly magazine, founder and Director of his Pastors' College, and as organizer of two orphanages and other institutions (1861-1892 Volume 2).

23971: A Step Further: Growing Closer to God Through Hurt and Hardship A Step Further
By Joni Eareckson Tada

Joni's heartfelt and biblically informed response to thousands of letters from people puzzled about the "whys" of suffering. These questions are answered by taking a personal look at how God has used circumstances, people, and events in Joni's life and others' lives. First published in 1978 and updated in 1990. New 16-page photo section and illustrations by Joni.

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