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Charlie Hall Genre: Praise/Worship, Rock, Pop, Folk/Acoustic

Origin: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Years active: 1991-present


Flying Into Daybreak (2006) buy
On the Road to Beautiful (2003) buy
Porch and Altar (2000) buy
Thought (1998)
Joel's Window (1997)

Charlie Hall is a Christian worship leader and songwriter from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Since 1991, Charlie has been traveling, songwriting, and sharing life with people in his home of Oklahoma City, and across the United States, and even across several oceans. He is counted among the many talented and often short-statured Passion collective of visionaries. As many of the Passion collegiate gatherings were recorded live, Hall was quickly dubbed "a voice" for the Passion movement, performing on all eight Passion albums, which have sold well over one million units.

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Charlie Hall - Flying Into Daybreak Charlie Hall - On the Road to Beautiful Charlie Hall - Porch and Altar


Charlie Hall

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