Charles H. Spurgeon

Charles H. Spurgeon

Charles H. Spurgeon (1834-1892) is known as the "Prince of Preachers." He was born in Kelvedon, Essex, England in 1834. His father and grandfather were Nonconformist ministers (meaning they weren't Anglicans).

His formal education was limited, even by nineteenth-century standards: he attended local schools for a few years but never earned a university degree. He lived in Cambridge for a time, where he combined the roles of scholar and teaching assistant and was briefly tutored in Greek. Though he eschewed formal education, all his life he valued learning and books—especially those by Puritan divines—and his personal library eventually exceeded 12,000 volumes.

At age 15, Spurgeon broke with family tradition by becoming a Baptist. He attributed this conversion to a sermon heard by "chance"—when a snowstorm blew him away from his destination into a Primitive Methodist chapel. The experience forced Spurgeon to re-evaluate his idea on, among other things, infant baptism. Within four months he was baptized and joined a Baptist church.

In 1852, Spurgeon became the pastor of the baptist congregation at Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire. In April 1854 he was 'called' to the pulpit of the baptist congregation at New Park Street, Southwark. Within a few months of his call his powers as a preacher made him famous. The chapel had been empty; before a year had passed the crowds that gathered to hear the country lad of twenty rendered its enlargement essential. Exeter Hall was used while the new building was in process of erection, but Exeter Hall could not contain Spurgeon's hearers. The enlarged chapel, when opened, at once proved too small, and a great tabernacle was projected. In the meantime Spurgeon preached at the Surrey Gardens music-hall, where his congregations numbered ten thousand. Men and women of all ranks flocked to his sermons. At twenty-two Spurgeon was the most popular preacher of the day. In 1861 the Metropolitan Tabernacle in Newington Causeway was opened for service, there Spurgeon ministered until his death.

Spurgeon was a prolific author, writing with the directness and earnestness that distinguished him as a speaker. He conducted a monthly magazine, entitled The Sword and the Trowel, which published more than 1,900 sermons.

Spurgeon's theology, remained more or less Calvinist, though he liked to think of himself as a "mere Christian." "I am never ashamed to avow myself a Calvinist," he once said. "I do not hesitate to take the name of Baptist, but if I am asked what is my creed, I reply, 'It is Jesus Christ.'"

Spurgeon's contributions were larger than his pulpit, however. He established alms houses and an orphanage, and his Pastor's College, opened in 1855, continues to this day. He preached his last sermon in June 1891 and died six months later.

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Books by Charles H. Spurgeon

731542: Around the Wicket Gate Around the Wicket Gate
By Charles Spurgeon

Around the Wicket Gate was written by Spurgeon to those who had some knowledge of the Gospel message but as yet were outside of Christ. Spurgeon makes it clear that to be 'almost a Christian' is a most dangerous state. Here he presents in his own compelling manner the full and free salvation of God through trust in Jesus Christ alone.

688573: All of Grace All of Grace
By C.H. Spurgeon

In All of Grace, C.H. Spurgeon outlines the love of God in such clear, simple language that everyone can understand and be drawn to the Father. Any attempt to please God based upon our own works brings self-righteousness and coldness of heart. It is free grace and mercy of God that makes the heart glow with warmth and thankfulness for God's love. The heartfelt goal of this dynamic classis is summed up in Spurgeon's final cry to the reader, "Meet me in heaven!"

00604: Greatest Fight in the World Greatest Fight in the World
By Charles Spurgeon

This book contains substance from Spurgeon's last conference. Without a doubt it was one of the most forceful utterances that the Prince of Preachers ever delivered, it was rapturously received by the vast assembly. The battle is not yet over. This book will be an encouragement to every modern warrior engaged in a crusade against error and sin...The Greatest Fight in the World.

519040: Majesty in Misery, Volume 1: Dark Gethsemane Majesty in Misery, Volume 1: Dark Gethsemane
By Charles Haddon Spurgeon

In this the first of three volumes on the passion and death of our Lord, C.H. Spurgeon takes us to "Dark Gethsemane" by way of the Upper Room and Jesus' last Passover meal with His disciples. These sermons (which have been completely reset in a very readable modern format) will feed and nourish the believer's soul as the "Prince of Preachers" unfolds such wonderful gospel themes as "Love Stronger than Death", "The Weakened Christ Strengthened", "The Agony in Gethsemane", "The Captive Saviour Freeing His People", and "Christ Declining the Legions".

519156: Majesty in Misery Volume 2: The Judgment Hall Majesty in Misery Volume 2: The Judgment Hall
By Charles Haddon Spurgeon

In this the second of three volumes on the passion and death of our Lord, C. H. Spurgeon bids us to follow Christ into "The Judgment Hall" and to look on as the Man of Sorrows is despised and rejected by men first, by Annas and Caiaphas, the religious leaders of the Jewish nation, then Herod Antipas, the puppet prince of Galilee, and finally Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor. Spurgeon's great gifts of passionate and persuasive preaching are clearly in evidence in these sermons, which include 'Christ in Bonds', 'The King in Pilate's Hall, and 'Majesty in Misery'.

519164: Majesty in Misery, Volume 3: Calvary's Mournful Mountain Majesty in Misery, Volume 3: Calvary's Mournful Mountain
By Charles Haddon Spurgeon

In this the last of three volumes on the passion and death of our Lord, C. H. Spurgeon takes us to "Calvary's Mournful Mountain", there to view afresh the last moments of Christ's earthly life. In these sermons, Spurgeon fixes our eyes upon our glorious Saviour, whose amazing grace and dying love are eloquently described and vividly portrayed. As you read these sermons, you will begin to understand just why Spurgeon was so loved by Christians the world over.

86589: Holy Spirit Power Holy Spirit Power
By Charles Spurgeon

To know the Holy Spirit is to know Him as an ever-present, loving Friend and mighty Helper. From the Scriptures, Spurgeon shows that the Holy Spirit wants to be our Comforter, Teacher, and mighty Advocate. Discover how you can walk daily in the presence of the Holy Spirit and experience His miracle working power in your own life.

87097: The Soulwinner The Soulwinner
By Charles Spurgeon

When Jesus returned to heaven, He left us with a mission--continue His work of bringing lost souls home to the Father. Charles Spurgeon accepted this mission and personally escorted thousands of people in the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. In this book, Spurgeon crystallizes the wisdom and experience of a lifetime as a soulwinner.

687496: Morning and Evening Morning and Evening
By Charles Spurgeon

Thousands already rely on Charles Spurgeon's uplifting messages as part of their morning and evening devotions. Spending time with God at the start and the close of each day will bring a new joy to your life. As you reflect upon God's Word and His principles, you will find peace about the day you are about to face or the day that has just passed. Spurgeon's rich biblical insights, extraordinary eloquence, and clarity of logic are interwoven throughout the daily selections to enhance your fellowship with God.

86457: Morning by Morning - Revised Edition Morning by Morning
By Charles Spurgeon

A day filled with grace begins with time spent alone with God, and as each new day begins it is only fitting that we to open our eyes and our hearts to the Creator. These morning devotions will anchor your soul so that you will be less likely to stumble throughout the day's journey. Charles Spurgeon once said that to rush from bed into business without first talking with God is as foolish as forgetting to bathe or getting dressed.

86465: Evening by Evening -Revised Edition Evening by Evening
By Charles Spurgeon

Wisdom is a man's true strength, according to Charles Spurgeon. In this book of evening devotions, you will find a great deal of wisdom for each day. Spurgeon's warm message and his use of Scripture will inspire faith and hope as no other book of daily meditations can.

7624X: Come Ye Children Come Ye Children
By Charles Spurgeon

In this book you will find encouragement, practical help, and Biblical principles. You will also go away with a new vision of the importance of the work in which you are involved. C.H. Spurgeon shows us that telling young people about Jesus is the most important task given to anyone, be they parent, teacher or youth leader.

924177: Lectures to My Students Lectures to My Students
By C.H. Spurgeon

Pulpit and parish pedagogy from the "Prince of Preachers." Featuring such gems as "The Minister's Fainting Fits"; "Posture, Action, Gesture, etc."; and "On the Choice of a Text," this unabridged edition of Spurgeon's classroom discourses overflows with practical insights concerning every aspect of ministry---from the call to guidelines for conduct outside the church.

44392: The Saint and His Saviour The Saint and His Saviour
By Charles Spurgeon

In The Saint and His Saviour, Spurgeon takes you through the whole process of the Holy Spirit's work in a believer's life. Beginning with one's first experience of the Lord, these classic sermons also discuss various issues such as conversion, your completeness in Christ, and the purpose of trials. Extremely practical for the believer, Spurgeon's passion also serves as a challenge to the non-Christian. Spurgeon's words are lightly edited for today's readers, and the volume comes complete with a helpful overview of Spurgeon's life.

49478: The Treasury of David: An Updated Edition in Today's Language The Treasury of David
By Charles Haddon Spurgeon; Roy H. Clarke, ed.

Spurgeon's classic work on the Psalms is now available in a contemporary English edition for a new generation of readers. All of Spurgeon's comments have been carefully preserved, and his "Exposition" and "Additional Notes" appear on the same page for simultaneous use. His familiar "Hints" are organized in easy-to-use outline form.

731550: Faith: Faith
By Charles Spurgeon

In this helpful volume Spurgeon looks holistically at the subject of faith. He helps us to discover that faith has an object to which it looks, that we have reason to believe, why faith is more than an 'airy-fairy' concept, and how we can know that we have it. He also looks at why some Christians may be depressed even though they have faith, what is included in the term 'faith' - and what isn't.

3685272: Spurgeon on Prayer & Spiritual Warfare Spurgeon on Prayer & Spiritual Warfare
By Charles Spurgeon

Charles Spurgeon knew the secrets of prayer and that God has established divine principles and promises for our every need. He reveals these principles and shares how God has answered the prayers of men and women since the beginning of Bible times. He also shows how you can gain freedom over sin, enjoy peace in troubled times, protect yourself from Satan, offer short prayers that bring big answers, receive bountiful blessings, see God answer even faulty prayers, and get what you pray for.

82680: God Loves You God Loves You
By Charles Spurgeon

You're lonely. In the middle of a crowded world, jostled by other people's lives, you feel alone. It's not companionship you lack, it's love. God's love. Charles Spurgeon describes a love so warm that the sun cools by comparison. He shows how, in Christ, you can: find the source of perfect peace; be secure in His infinite power and love; find healing, body and soul. When you understand the grace and love that bought your redemption, you will understand.

89561: Grace: God's Unmerited Favor Grace
By C.H. Spurgeon

In these classic sermons on Grace, Charles Spurgeon reveals the provisions God has made for His children, including unconditional love, everlasting life, a sense of belonging, purpose for living, spiritual guidance, pardon for sin, and unshakable faith.

636104: Spurgeon's Sermons on the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Spurgeon's Sermons on the Death and Resurrection of Jesus
By C.H. Spurgeon

Spurgeon's Sermons on the Death and Resurrection of Jesus includes forty-eight sermons that together explore every event of Holy Week including the Last Supper, Jesus' Passion and Death and His glorious resurrection. This collection of Spurgeon's sermons will guide you through the season of Lent and inspire as well as encourage you throughout the year.

560549: Spurgeon's Sermons on Jesus and the Holy Spirit Spurgeon's Sermons on Jesus and the Holy Spirit
By C.H. Spurgeon

When these sermons were first delivered, the pulpits of Victorian London shook with Spurgeon's Christ-centered passion and power! Featuring 48 messages on Christmas, Christ's love, the second coming, and the Holy Spirit, this collection is an ideal introduction to the keen intellect, scriptural truth, zeal, insight, and gifted exposition of the Prince of Preachers.

1516114: Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Volume 38 Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit
By Charles Spurgeon

Leading these fifty-two sermons (exactly half from the Old Testament) are the last which C. H. Spurgeon personally prepared for the press before his death at the age of fifty-seven on January 31, 1892. His last letters, printed with the sermons, give them special poignancy. From the best unpublished sermons of the closing years of Spurgeon's life, J. W. Harrald (his faithful assistant) put the rest of this volume together.

33040: Spurgeon's Sermon Notes - 1 Volume Spurgeon's Sermon Notes
By C.H. Spurgeon

These 250 sermon outlines from the Prince of Preachers are lean and concise, yet rich with Spurgeon's characteristic eloquence. They are arranged by Scripture from Genesis to Revelation with main points and subpoints clearly outlined. Also features scores of anecdotes, commentary notes, and illustrations.

1510760: Charles Haddon Spurgeon  Autobiography: The Early  Years 1834-1860 Volume 1 Charles Haddon Spurgeon: The Early Years
By Charles Spurgeon

From the first years of childhood in rural Essex till that snow-swept Sunday in Colchester in 1850, and on to the first years of revival in London, Spurgeon pours out his story with an enthralling fullness and colour, yet all this is so done that we are everywhere drawn to the centre and passion of his life (1834-1860, Volume 1).

1511821: Charles Haddon Spurgeon -Autobiography: The Full  Harvest 1861-1892 Volume 2 Charles Haddon Spurgeon: The Full Harvest
By Charles Spurgeon

Spurgeon's last thirty years, from the building of the Metropolitan Tabernacle unitl his death in 1892, saw no fulfillment of the newspaper prophecy of his early days, "Up like a rocket, down like a stick." In fact, Spurgeon is still popular today for his works as a preacher as well as an author, editor of a monthly magazine, founder and Director of his Pastors' College, and as organizer of two orphanages and other institutions (1861-1892 Volume 2).

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